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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4: Luke Bankole Death ‘Sealed’ as Fans Spot Worrying Clue; Know More Here.

The trailer is finally here and so are we. We saw everything which we wanted to but June’s husband was missing. Well yes you are right, we are talking about The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4.It’s here but where is Luke Bankole? We haven’t spotted him in the trailer yet so is he there for season 4 or not? Well, all your questions will be answered, stay tuned with us!!

The Handmaid’s Tale: The trailer for the fourth series is here!

The fourth season’s trailer is streaming. So don’t miss it. June the most gorgeous character in The Handmaid’s Tale has been recently given an extravaganza look. The whole show is based on the writer Hulu’s popular drama. We even got a clip of June fighting with Gilead but wait who didn’t we saw in the clip. Well, O.T. Fagbenle, who plays June’s spouse was not there in the trailer. It will be highly disappointing if we do not see him in the fourth season. Well until then if you still haven’t seen the trailer, then click on the tab and watch it now.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4- Fans Prediction Corner

Many fans have also predicted that Bankole will be seen as dead in season 4. But who killed him is the question in everyone’s mind. Though the show’s release date has been pushed back due to coronavirus now it’s finally here and will be appearing on screen this April.

We saw many happenings in the new trailer. It was originally released during February, probably in the end. We saw a new character trait for June. She was seen as much bolder and how can you miss her fighting against Gilead. There can be much more fight scenes and intense drama sessions in this new season.

The Handmaid’s Tale season 4:O.T. Fagbenle as Luke Bankole

The new series will be launched on Wednesday, 28 April 2021. Even if Luke did not appear in the trailer, we are expecting him to be on the show. Though it will turn out to be a harsh betrayal if we do not find him in the show. The audience loves his character more than anything else in the show and we highly demand his return. Or can he be involved in a drastic fight?

Well if that happens then the star of the show will be killed. But what’s a show without June and Luke? Aren’t they soulmates and why should they separate? These questions need to be answered and to find your answer you have to watch the fourth season. We also saw June’s love spark involved with someone else, which means Luke is out of the picture? Say what again? The fans have already filled the trailer’s comment section with comments in which they expressed that they don’t want Luke to be removed.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4:Elisabeth Moss as June Osborne

While on the other side, we see June’s different side. The actress has been given a very extraordinary look. She will be fighting against Gilead. The search for their daughter Hannah is still on the line. The audience wants to see June and Luke together. They want both of them to find their lost daughter, Hannah.

June will be playing a strong character of a freedom fighter. She will fight against all odds, against the brutal system. She will be going back to the ruins of the United States to once again fire the light, to make the people aware of the situation and then turning them into a rebel.