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Benedict Cumberbatch discloses that he felt vulnerable after shredding 21 pounds for his new movie.

Benedict Cumberbatch opens up about his journey of drastic weight loss for the movie ‘The Courier.’

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Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t particularly like the aftermath of his role in the upcoming Dominic Cooke directional movie ‘The Courier’.

Benedict opened up in a recent interview with CinemaBlend about his preparation for the movie and as per it, the Doctor Strange actor was left in a very vulnerable position after losing 21 pounds for his character.

Cumberbatch will be seen as Greville Wynne, a British businessman during the period of the Cold War who was later recruited by MI6 to operate as a spy.

Furthermore, Wynne builds an alliance with an official in the Soviet military that eventually enables them to prevent the nuclear war as well as to bring an end to the missile dilemma in Cuban. But sometime during the movie Wynee gets captured and locked in a soviet prison by the Russians where they starve him for nearly eighteen months.

Cumberbatch shared a few of his experiences on his journey of weight loss with Fox News while promoting his movie ‘The Courier’. The actor confessed that he would feel hungry and dehydrated all the time.

Benedict talked about the diet that he had to follow for shredding so many pounds. He told that he was kept on a strict diet for three months to make his character appear starved in the movie and it included that keeping a rigorous healthy food diet. He went on that he had to survive on the cold water as well as do more physical activities like swimming and exercises.

Cumberbatch also let out that while the diet was to change his physical appearance it might have caused a little impact on his mental health. He expressed that while the transformations had played an important role in his depiction of a starved man, he might also have a tiny hint of what the person who was literally imprisoned might have been through.

Benedict added that he had followed quite a healthy diet for shredding the required weight for his character but asserts them as a torrid experience.

The actor continued by telling us about the responsibility he felt for portraying a real person as he notified that to enact as a person whose life which might be forgotten or probably never heard of would be brought to light by his depiction as he performs a character surviving during the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Benedict praised the person who had to suffer so much for his country describing him as an immensely extraordinary and humble man for the sacrifices he made were truly remarkable.

Whilst, Benedict joins the long list of actors who were asked to shred few pounds for their characters, his MCU costar Tom Holland enlists himself in the chart as had also lost weight for the Apple TV’s ‘Cherry’ and according to him, he won’t be losing any weight anytime soon or ever as he described the experience as brutal.

Holland will be seen as an army veteran who not only suffers from PTSD but also has a drug addiction.