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Dead To Me Season 3 to be its finale season: Release Date, Cast & More.

Dead To Me return for the third season which will also be the last we will see of Jen and Judy getting themselves into mishaps. Read below to find all about the final season.

Dead to Me: Release date of season 3

The news for the renewal of Dead To Me for the third season provides fans with bittersweet emotion.

The announcement for the renewal of Dead To Me for a third season was declared last year in July but the message came bearing another which left the fans a little devastated as the season was announced to be the last hoorah for the series.

The ensemble for the show wrapped up the shooting for the final season last spring, so it is predicted to premier probably later this year or in early 2022. But since the previous two seasons of Dead To Me were aired in May of 2019 and 2020 respectively, it might be possible for the production house to release the last season in May as well. So if they are planning to broadcast the third season in May they might need to speed things up because it’s only a few weeks away.

The third season of Dead To Me might also drop on the most popular OTT platform i.e. Netflix since the first and second seasons of the show were also released on the said streaming service.

Dead to Me: Cast and Characters for season 3

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will be reprising their roles as the protagonists and best friends Jen Harding and Judy Hale respectively.

Max Jenkins will also be returning to act as Jen’s business partner, Christopher Doyle and will be joined by Diana-Maria Riva who will be continuing to perform as the police detective, Ana Perez.

Jen’s sons Charlie Harding and Luke Roessler will be portrayed by Sam McCarthy along with Luke Roessler.

The final season of Dead To Me will also star Brandon Scott, Suzy Nakamura and Valerie Mahaffey with Keong Sim.

Dead to Me: Season 3 Spoiler Alert!

Jen and Judy were probably always doomed to end up in disasters.

In the finale episode of the second season, Jen and Judy got into a road accident on the way back home to gift Charlie with a brand new car. The duo was hit by a drunken Ben who just learned that his brother’s body was actually buried in the forest.

Unfortunately, Jen suffered more injuries than Judy in the crash since she was on the side of the car where Ben ploughed into.

Judy also couldn’t make out that it was Ben who caused their accident since he quickly drove away leaving the woman with the unsolved mystery of their attacker.

The third season is predicted to start where it left off, which might be with Judy and Jen getting themselves stuck in another mess along with Ben covering his tracks and tricking them into believing that he was somewhere else when the accident occurred.

The dead body of Steve which was finally discovered in the prior season is anticipated to play a huge part in the final season of Dead To Me.

Jen’s eldest son Charlie also finally got his hands on the letter that his mother left with Judy which would probably contain the real reason for Jen turning herself to the cops.