Joe Rogan, Yet Again Targets Fallon Fox For Calling Herself Transgender: Fox Called On Spotify To Cancel Rogan’s Show

Whenever we hear about MMA and UFC, we are sure to think of Joe Rogan at least once. But it has been now heard that one of the fighters is coming after him. Rogan has forever been mocking former MMA fighter, Fallon Fox, publicly and has been spotted making continuous efforts to make transphobic comments as well. Fox being disappointed called on Spotify and asked them to cancel Rogan’s podcast over his latest transphobic comments.

UFC's Joe Rogan to Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox: 'You're a F***ing Man' | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Fox is the first transgender athlete in MMA and she was signed at first signed as male during her birth in 1975. With full gender reassignment surgeries, she made her transition in 2006. her journey as a woman athlete began in 2013. Following this, Fox has ever been competing in the women’s division of MMA. This incident stirred up some hot controversies across the nation. She took her retirement in 2014. During all this time, she has gained Rogan as her first and most vocal detractors. His verbal attack on her seems to never fade away even after 7 years.

Expressing her resentment, Fox has commented that Spotify should immediately cancel Rogan’s show for his never-ending transphobic comments. Rogan has more transphobic episodes than you can think of. In a very recent podcast, Rogan’s comments show that he is of the opinion that transgender being a protected subject, often makes people praiseworthy who happens to have thoughts of changing their gender. Following which it becomes exciting for people around to talk about this transition and the one who dares to discuss it in any weird war is chastised publicly.

He refers to transgender as dumb people and it disgusts him to see them being appreciated for having the guts to change their gender and be verbal about it. He adds with lots of harsh comments on his podcast regarding the matter. He is disappointed to see that the idiot people after their transition are suddenly considered as amazing after their transition by the world.

In one of the interviews back from 2013, Rogan was seen commenting on Fox publicly. He seems to disagree to accept Fox as a woman and to accept the fact that Fox would be fighting against women now in MMA.

Even Fox’s demand to call off Rogan’s podcast doesn’t seem to stir up lots of minds on social media. The comedian continues his work and leaves no stone unturned to stir up the controversy every now and then.