‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ is A Piece of Art that History has Ever Created! What Is Your Opinion?

Aren’t you aware of the Housewives franchise? It is indeed an old news now. After the global pandemic hit, not only did the die-hard fans returned back to enjoy the show, but created a whole new generation of fans who dropped the idea of never watching Housewives ever again to becoming evangelical about all the filthy rich ladies of Beverly Hills, Potomac, etc.

If you think I am here to argue and rate the show, then you have absolutely misunderstood. Let’s discuss the Housewives here in this article because Housewives is nothing less than a piece of art.


To all my folks who are unaware of the Housewives, here let me brief you on the storyline of the show. This show revolves around some groups of hot and rich maniacs. Unlike the name of the show, these women are not like the traditional housewives you would imagine them to be. Instead, their occupation hovers from child actors to soap actors to failed actors and from models to ex-models to model wives to rich husbands. If this is not enough, the show also has a Wiccan. Yes, you hear it right, Wiccan! To add to the dismay, the looks of Wiccan in the show share a hint of some sullen goth on 16 and Pregnant, rather than one living in a Beverly Hills. Yes! RH, is sure to take the edge of the boundaries to another level.

If you have ever survived through any of the episodes, I am sure you understand what I am trying to express here! Most of the episodes hang on parties. I mean, you really need some actual talent and hard work to sustain a total of 77 seasons and 19 Housewives-adjacent spin-off series, with show titles like Kandi’s Ski Trip and Vanderpump Dogs with just some group of 7 or so women partying all the time. Undoubtedly, a glimpse of the episodes is a clear indication that the episodes are nothing more than a riff, which has trapped all the characters at the party, which in no time is sure to turn into recriminations and humiliation.

The conversations among the feud housewives in the entire show are so fake and superficial. Let’s recall some of the harmless words here! ‘Where’s Kim?’ ‘Why didn’t you tell me you couldn’t come to my five-year-old’s $38,000-dollar birthday party?’ (Just for some fun). The dreadful conversation keeps building up until and unless the show eventually spirals up into a comedy of some menace. Characters like Vanderpump in Housewives created more controversies in the town than in The Idiots. Do you remember Puppygate of season nine?

I think the only effective plot of the Housewives is the violence. Just like you would expect in any other psychological thrillers, the Housewives also engages the audience with all the implied violence. Do you remember the towering heels that the housewives grace their feet with? Doesn’t it seem like it’s kind of threatening to overthrow their owner? And how can one not recall the catty remarks and side-eyes! Well! even that has yet and again failed to make it to a charity gala.

Even, in my opinion, the scattered confessional monologues from the housewives feel like some sort of bitchy Greek chorus who is trying to unveil themselves with the proceedings.

Agree or not, but Housewives is not at all helping us in the time of the pandemic. It boils my blood to see all the petty power games and obscene amounts of money during an era of economic uncertainty, worldwide depression, and political unrest. In spite of being a psychological drama, Housewives has only managed very low stakes. Do you even care enough to know if Lisa has sold stories about the other housewives to Radar Online or if the Housewives of Salt Lake City appreciate Mary Cosby’s ludicrous party favors? Undoubtedly it’s high art but doesn’t provide enough scope for viewers to relate or to the least understand it.

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