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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Calling Off Their Marriage, Find Out The Cause, Why?

The couple who were earlier hiding about their relationship have openly declared that they aren’t together. They were used to be the hottest among all the couples but wait now they won’t be called a couple anymore. Well, I hope you know whom I’m talking about it’s none other than the judges of “The Voice”, Gwen and Blake. The couple was dating for about more than 3-4 years. Recently last year in October 2020, they even got engaged without announcing it publicly. Well, that obviously mean they were planning to get married probably during June this year or in late December. But now what happened that Blake said the wedding is not taking place? Has the couple broken up? Well hold on we have answers to all your questions. Let’s begin

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton: Their Relationship History and More.

Gwen Stefani and  Blake Shelton have known and dated for almost 5 years. To be precise they started seeing each other out in November 2015. That year itself, that is in 2015, Blake also got divorce officially.During lock down most of the couples have grown immense close to each other while Blake and Gwen have really a hard time during Covid-19. Since they got engaged, we have got many instances which proved that they were quite not satisfied with one another. Both were constantly quarelling and misunderstanding each other. Let me take you through the main issue.

Reasons for The Couple Getting Separated

A major reason for their fight is related to their wedding. Yes, we too find it quite unreasonable and childish. The couple was fighting over the wedding venue and there were obviously differences of opinions. Gwen wanted a small ceremony in Oklahoma while on the other side Blake wanted a big fat fancy wedding just the way celebrities are supposed to have.

Singer Stefani always goes for an eco-friendly cutting edge which had a resemblance with the Modern Age store but Shelton was absolutely against the idea. Shelton is more free towards her sense of fashion and is quite more involved with her current country environment.

Another major reason is Blake’s intensive possessiveness and hardcore jealousy for Stefani. We have even witnessed a few instances where we have seen them clearly quarreling and we are talking about the sauciest one, which is during the launch of a music video, Harry Styles was also involved in this.

Is the Wedding Officially Called Off?

As already discussed, the couple is seen quarreling quite often. There have been many heated arguments between them. And that’s exactly why we are predicting and saying that the couple might rip apart and their wedding might get canceled. Earlier we thought it was rumor but now it got confirmed, when Blake openly announced that the wedding has been postponed.

He said that they are waiting for Covid-19 situations to get better. As we all know that the pandemic is again getting terrible. They haven’t broken up though, they have only called their wedding dates off. The wedding is still on the line.


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