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Everything about Deltarune Chapter 2 Release Date; Is It Releasing Anytime Soon?

Read below to find out all about the second chapter of one of the most popular video games Deltarune.

Deltarune Chapter 2: Release Date

The second chapter of the popular role-playing video game Deltarune is still not revealed by the developers. An article published by Famitsu in September last year mentioned certain details regarding the second chapter of Deltarune from the developer of the game Toby Fox. According to the outlet, the production of the chapter commenced around the middle of 2020 and has been advanced at a faster rate than the prior chapter.

The chapter was speculated to release by the end of last year but Fox revealed the reason for the delay which has been posted on the official website of Undertale. The release of the chapter is being held back due to the health issues that Fox is currently dealing with which might specifically revolve around his wrists. The developer addressed the situation which made the development of the game understandably late and he also talked about his current status to the concerned fans as he stated that he will soon be looking into attending the physical therapy sessions as well as exploring more options like surgery to permanently fix his wrist. Fox also took time to appreciate his team during the tough period.

Deltarune Chapter 2  is likely to have an initial release date in the middle of this year and is presumed to release on PCs, Switch, and PlayStation 5.

In the Status Update, last year in September Fox also declared that the upcoming chapters of Deltarune will also possibly be released sooner rather than later as he said that the acquired ordeal from the second chapter has made things a little easier for him to develop the future chapters.

Deltarune Chapter 2: Gameplay

The second chapter of Deltarune will be quite similar to its preceding chapter. The chapter will be featuring a turn-based battle scene that will have a relative resemblance to the Final Fantasy series.

The chapter will also be having certain components of bullet hell but it won’t longer be the central occurrence. It will also be few modifications such as the reduction of random clashes.

The forthcoming chapter of Deltarune will now give us the access to view our opponents on the overworld before be we get the chance to combat them which will provide us with a bonus as we will get the opportunity to avert them altogether.

Deltarune Chapter 2: How many endings?

Unlike the well-known three distinct endings in Fox’s previous game Undertale, Deltarune will consist of only one end. As the announcement dissuaded a few of the game fans from joining and enjoying the game, Fox has commented that the choices of the gamer will still matter. He also continued in an FAQ that there will be somethings more vital than reaching the end of the chapter. And this might have coyly suggested that there might be certain parts in the game which will considerably be different between playthroughs.

Our choices will still be an important factor in the game and it won’t be affecting where our characters might end up.