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Painter of the Night Season 2: Manga Release Date; All You Need To Know About It.

Painter of the Night is a famous manga series originally penned by Byeonduck and the publisher of the book is Lezhin Comics. The first season includes a total of 44 chapters and the second season began last year on the 24th of July. The story revolves around an early setup of Korea during the past eras of Goryeo or Joseon when Hanyang was the capital of the Joseon kingdom, now it is known as Seoul though. It is mainly based on a noble named Yoon Seungho who urges Baek Na-kyum to continue making erotic paintings despite Baek doesn’t want to do that work. Let me take you through everything we know starting from the beginning to the end.

Background of Painter of the Night

Na-kyum is a young boy, whose profession is painting and he is blessed with the exceptional talent for creating erotic images which include men in various stages. Under a pseudonym, earlier he has published a few arts of his painting but ultimately he decides to quit his art of painting. Then appears the noble named Seungho who forces himself into Na-kyum’s life. Seungho is a noble but he has problems with handling his lust issues, he demanded Na-kyum to become a private painter who will just serve him. However, Na-kyum doesn’t know about the mischievous thoughts of the noble and the nights which he had to got through are beyond his imaginations. And thus begins the journey of the series, with twists and turns, many characters indulge in.

We see that after hearing about Na-kyum, Seungho tries to get in touch with him and he says to him that he is really curious to know about his paintings and art techniques. He is basically a man who has no control over himself, he is extremely impatient in activities and sometimes he even gets out of control and becomes exceptionally violent and rude. Na-kyum is immensely talented apart from painting he writes poems too and thus Seungho takes advantage of him by stealing one of his poems. He tells him he will give it back to Na- kyum if he again starts making erotic images.

Painter of the Night Season 2: All you need to know

Before watching season 2, you should definitely watch season 1 to get a clear idea about the show. Season 2 is filled with immense actions and drama. The audience loved season 2 as well just like season 1. You can get easy access to all the episodes on the official site of Lezhin. All the episodes are listed there and all of them are absolutely free. Well whether there is season 3 or not is still not known. There hasn’t been any announcement about its release date, cast, or plot. But the early two seasons have really varied range of episodes so season 3 might not be online.

Season 2 is currently running really successfully, people are loving how the story is evolving while taking twists and turns. There is so much more in line and in store for the audience. Stay with us to know more about it.

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