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Dexter Season 9: Release Date, Cast & Updated Plot

The rumoured season of Showtime’s Dexter has been revived for the ninth season. Read below to find out all about the renewed season.

Dexter: Release date of Season 9

Presidents of Entertainment, Showtime Networks Inc., Gary Levine and Jana Winograd announced the news of Dexter’s being revived for the ninth season last year in October.

Dexter aired their eighth season in 2013 which was supposed to end the series. The revived season of the show will be a limited series consisting of only ten episodes.

The production for the ninth season of Dexter commenced in early February this year in Massachusetts and is scheduled to premiere later this year in the fall probably between September and December.

The screening of Dexter in the United Kingdom is still not clear although the majority fanbase of the series belongs to the United Kingdom when it broadcasted on the FX UK channel (Channel 5 aired the first and second of Dexter). So there is a possibility that FOX UK (formerly known as FX UK) could pick up the series from Showtime.

If you want to revisit and binge-watch the series for the first time, all eight seasons of Dexter are easily accessible on the streaming service Netflix.

Dexter: Cast and Characters for season 9

The character of the series titular protagonist and narrator Dexter Morgan will crucially be played by Michael C Hall who had enacted the role of the forensics expert and blood spatter analyst for over eight seasons of show.

The brand new villain of the revived season will be performed by the veteran actor Clancy Brown. He will be delivering the role of Kurt Caldwell, who is an unofficial mayor of a small town named as Iron Lake. Brown is well known for his role in The Shawshank Redemption and Billions.

Dexter: Storyline for season 9

The revived, as well as the ninth season of Dexter, will most likely pick up where it left off in the final episode of the eighth season.

As the series finale showed us that Dexter was assumed to have died during the hurricane after his boat sunk in the water. However, the last moments of the episode revealed Dexter to be alive and well but was living a secluded life away from Miami as a lumberjack in the woods of Oregon with an expected name and identity. The finale episode however was super controversial after its release as well as left the fans awfully let down and unsatisfied with the ending that Dexter got but didn’t deserve.

The details and the plotline of the ninth season are still firmly under wraps but a few fragments were revealed by the production house.

According to it, the revived season will set off eight years later after the original finale of Dexter in the eighth season. As the production of the forthcoming season will also partially be filmed in Iron Lake, which is a small town in upstate New York, might have hinted that Dexter possibly had sneaked his way of the woodwork to confront the new and a major antagonist whose character will be portrayed by Clancy Brown.

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