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Supernatural Season 16: Cancelled Or Not? Release Date & Plot Updates; Everything To Know

The Supernatural series finale, that is season fifteen comes to an end. It tells goodbye to Sam and Dean Winchester after an over of an epic journey and story. Now the question remaining is whether it will go for another run? Will there be Supernatural Season 16? Is there any scope for that to happen? Well, don’t worry we have answers to all your questions. Stay tuned online with us.

Supernatural Fifteenth Season Finale- All you need to Know

Supernatural Fifteenth Season series finale was named “Carry On,”. We witnessed it said goodbye to Sam and Dean Winchester after an end of an amazing story. It started off during 2005. Supernatural got an instant fan audience. People loved the strong and intense chemistry between actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The show also witnessed a sudden rate boost after the addition of actor Misha Collins in the show as the very famous angel Castiel. Season 4 got a very high rate of popularity. The fan base has been steady since then and with the addition of seasons, many people have added to this fan group as well.

Why the series Ended?

If you don’t know then let me make you aware of the fact that the season-ending was canceled by The CW Network. But still the season 15 of Supernatural came to an end as it was a joined creative decision taken by all the showrunners and stars. Though it was a difficult decision for the stars as well. Speaking at VegasCon in 2019, Ackles said, “It wasn’t an easy decision. It was months and months, if not years of discussion… Nobody wanted to see this show fizzle out.” After 15 years on TV, Supernatural was simply starting to run out of new stories to tell, and everyone involved wanted to go out on a high note.

Supernatural Season 16 – Will it happen?

Sam and Dean, both the characters have been to the point of death more than once in season fifteen. But at last, the production team did everything possible to make the most of the series finale. It gave them the definitive ending which they were searching for. Dean faced his death on a way to hunt and while dying he takes a promise from Sam not to make him alive. A flash-forward showed that Sam lived till he transformed into an old man in a hut where he was living with his son. He also had a peaceful death on his bed. He meets with Dean and the Impala after death in Heaven and thus it comes to an end showing the two brothers hugging each other which made everyone highly emotional.

The season Finale had a very happy ending. Still, there are possibilities for the next part of Supernatural. It can continue as there are many characters in the line whose stories are yet to get explored. Sam’s son’s story can be shown. He can carry on his father’s legacy. If you have noticed, you will see there is an anti-possession tattoo on his son’s body which signifies that he will also become a hunter. There hasn’t been any such news about it but we are expecting that there can be another season for the show.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Supernatural Season 16?

Season 15 was so far the last and final season of the series which got released, so there is no trailer of the next part available as of yet. We will update you here if any news comes about The next part of Supernatural.

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