Nicola Walker as DCI Cassie Stuart in Unforgotten
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ITV’s ‘Unforgotten’ Star Nicola Walker Killed Off In The Series Finale.

British crime drama series Unforgotten recently released the final episode for the fourth season which left the fans heartbroken. Read below to know about the reason for their devastation.

About: Nicola Walker exit ITV’s Unforgotten

DCI Cassie Stuart who is one of the major characters were killed in the series finale. Cassie was portrayed by Nicola Walker in the show’s prior three seasons including the fourth season which aired their final episode on 29th March 2020.

The British programme Unforgotten revolved around two detectives residing in London, England. The duo consisted of DCI Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Stuart and DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan- who is performed by Sanjeev Bhaskar- as they investigated and solved cold cases such as disappearances and murders throughout the city. The series premiered its first episode in October 2015 and is written by the programme’s creator Chris Lang.

The fourth season of Unforgotten commenced with Nicola Walker’s character Cassie Stewart reluctantly returning to the forces so that she could obtain the pension she deserved. As the season continued fans hoped that Cassie to get her ‘happily ever after with her boyfriend DCI John Bentley as well as simultaneously willing that she would continue to work for the forces of her own free will forever which would eventually mean more seasons to watch for us, not that we are complaining.

But as the events of the fifth episode unfolded the fans were left shock and devastated as they watched in horror Cassie getting involved in a car accident. The fans were left sceptical of Cassie’s fate in the fourth season and would she be able to resolve the occurrences that have happened in the season as her life was left hanging in the balance by the conclusion of the fifth episode

Moreover, it was uncovered in the last episode of the season that Cassie would not be getting the happy ending she was entitled to. Cassie was seen dying in the scenes of the sixth episode because of the injuries she had sustained from the accident. The series furthermore, concluded with her funeral which left the fans heartbroken and seeing through tears as her partner Sunny laid flowers of Cassie’s grave that were carved with ‘Mother, daughter, Copper’ at the ending of the episode.

Wrecked from the final scenes of Unforgotten, fans took to Twitter and various other social platforms to grieve the loss of the death of their favourite character. One user conveyed Cassie’s ending in the show as ‘tragic’ and mourned her death. Another expressed that Cassie’s death was ‘brutal’ and wrote that such endings should be banned in the already unfortunate duration of the pandemic.

The majority of the fans were however left wondering why Nicola Walker has been written off from the show after delivering a wonderful performance which led to the series having a successful run of four seasons. Nichola hasn’t yet released a statement about her reasons for leaving the show, nevertheless, the fans have started speculating various theories that might have resulted in her sudden departure from Unforgotten.

One of the theories claims that since Nicola is soon to star in a new detective aerie for Alibi which is titled ‘Annika’ might have been one of the purposes that have contributed to her decision to exit from Unforgotten.