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Plastic Memories Season 2: Release Date, Characters & Other Details

Plastic Memories Season 2 is a requested show, this sequel has to be released as manga fans are dying to see this on screen. The original anime series had a great impact on the audience. Almost in every episode of the show, every viewer was left in tears. It is heart-warming therapy session. This sci-fi drama is extremely popular among anime army. Last time, the show had almost 13 episodes in total. But we want more to see, let see whether we will give a second run for the show or not.

Plastic Memories Season 1 At A Glance

Plastic Memories is one of the saddest but yet beautiful anime. The anime is set on the ground in a future basis. We witnessed humanity heavily depends on a group named Giftias, basically they highly advanced androids but they work like humans, one cannot distinguish between these and the humans.These are also capable of feeling and expressing emotions and even as forming bonds just like humans. However, they only live for a lifespans which consist of only a time of 9 years but after that they turn absolutely hostile.

Tsukasa Mizugaki is a protagonist character of the story who one day meets a beautiful Giftia named Isla. But unfortunately,Isla is nearing to complete her lifespan of 9 years. The story follows as we witness their journey which involved many ups and downs and at last we see them getting separated at the end. If you want to watch an amazing soft anime, you should surely give this a try.

Plastic Memories Season 2- When Will We Get The Release Date?

Plastic Memories Season 2 is yet to receive an official release date. We all know season 1 came to an end in the year 2015 but we still haven’t received any whereabouts related to the sequel of the show. We are guessing it to get released by the end 2021. As we already that the  show Plastic Memory is an original anime with no source material like books of novels. It had a precisely concluding finale episode this chances of the sequel on the line are really low.

Imaginary Plot of Plastic Memories Season 2

We witnessed Plastic Memories season 1 concluded really emotionally. We saw Isla lost all her memories. The ending actually showed the actual and true meaning the circle of life. It was simply based on three factors which is we take birth, we live our life and then one day we receive death.

When we die, we will not remember any of our gained memories from life and experiences. At the end nothing will really matter and we will be gone forever. And the most heartbreaking part of the series was seeing the lead character Tsukasa losing his love Isla forever.

However,if a second run for the show takes place, we will definitely see a reunite maybe. We are expecting,Tsukasa will give efforts and try to find about Isla and will also try to bring her memory back but will he be successful on his mission is not known yet. It will get revealed only in the second season.



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