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Plastic Memories Season 2: Release Date, Characters, Other Details

The first season of ‘Plastic Memories’ has blown off people’s minds. The Japan series is known as ‘Purasutikku Memorīzu’ in Japan. The amazing original anime series is directed by the renowned director, Yoshiyuki Fujiwara and has been produced by Doga Kobo. Naotaka Hayashi has penned down the plot story for the anime series. He also had worked on the screenplay of the series. On the other hand, the characters of the whole show have been designed specially by a Japanese illustrator, namely, Okiura. Season 2 is set to release soon. Find everything you want to know about season 2, just here!

Plastic Memories Season 2: When Will Release?

Plastic Memories season 1 was launched back on April 5, in the year 2015 and the show was wrapped up on June 28, in the same year. It consisted of a total of 13 episodes. But it has been five years since it ended. It is really hard to predict whether the second season of this particular anime will ever release on the screen. The first season was completed on a good note.

The last episode of the first season has ended with perfection. The climax of the story has been shown to the audience. People got what they were looking for at the end of the tale. There is no cliffhanger left that needs to be answered. Thus no storyline for another season. On the other hand, Season 1 was exceptionally successful. If there are any plans for season two of this particular anime series, then it must have been scheduled somewhere around the next year to the most which are 2021. If you don’t get a second season by next year, then you might not have a second season at all.

Plastic Memories: Want To Watch It In English?

Unfortunately, there are no English dubs available for this particular anime series. Though, you have English subtitles for the show. The subtitles were released by Aniplex of America. But according to our sources, there are only subs available in English. You don’t have any English dub version of this show. But English Dub might release anytime soon, we have received some news on this particular topic. Well if you still haven’t watched the first season, then what are you waiting for? Watch the show with original Japanese audio and English subtitles just on Crunchyroll.

Plastic Memories: A Bit Of Overview Just For You:

The story starts with, Tsukasa Mizugaki, who is an 18-year-old teenager and the main lead of the show. We saw Tsukasa joins the Terminal Service after his unfortunate failure in his college entrance exams. He happened to fail due to severe medical conditions. On the other hand, we have Isla, a veteran in the Terminal Service organization. She is the female lead of the series. The story showcases the romantic love which sparks between Isla and Tsukasa. They develop a special bond with one another while they were engaged in completing assignments together for the organization. The story will definitely make you laugh and cry at the same time. It is full of mixed emotions which you just can’t resist.