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WWE Released The Top 10 Videos On It’s YouTube Channel: Absence Of WrestleMania 33 Stirs Fans, Humiliates Matt

If you are a fan of WWE, this article is your cup of tea. Read this article to get some exciting news on Wrestle Mania. Yes, you have heard it right, we will talk about Wrestle Mania in this article.

On Sunday, WWE’s YouTube channel delivered the latest top 10 videos. The choice of the topmost videos is made based on the biggest crowd reactions that have been received in the history of Wrestle Mania to date. Are you curious to know, which videos made it to the top 10? I am sure, you are!

Well, let me tell you the videos that made it to the top 3:

  • WrestleMania XXX – Win if Daniel Bryan
  • WrestleMania X8 – Hogan vs. Rock
  • WrestleMania 35 – WWE Championship win of Kofi Kingston

But what will come shocking to you is the absence of WrestleMania 33, although there was an entry for it. Do you remember, the surprise entry of The Hardy Boyz? If you are a regular viewer of WrestleMania, I am sure you still remember that night. The surprise return of The Hardy Boys to the company during the Raw Tag Team Championship match, Final deletion match in Impact Wrestling, and the night after competiting The Young Bucks in Ring of Honor.

I know, you all will agree with me when I say that these are few videos which received loud reactions from the fans. Inspite of their return being hugely responded by the fans, the deleted videos from the episodes fierced the audience. Fans, losing all calm, took the videos to social media and directed it to Matt Hardy. Matt is now under a contract with AEW. And seems like he wasn’t surprised at all with all the insults meted out to him by the fans.

I hope you all know that Hardy arrived on AER Dynamite, post few weeks of his departure from WWE. He left WWE in early March 2020.

Soon after leaving WWE, during a conversation with Busted Open Radio, Hardy clarified that the inefficient utilization of his potential is what made him take the decision.

With him leaving WWE, Hardy is looking for brands and opportunities where he can fully utilize his creativity to an apt amount.

Hardy is very happy to get his requirements fulfilled with his own groups. His group comprise of Private Party and The Butcher, The Bunny and The Blade. Very recently, Hardy made his intentions clear by publicly expressing his wish to challenge Darby Allin for the TNT Championship.

In fact, I hope you must have noticed that Jeff Hardy since February, Jeff Hardy hasn’t won a single match. He will also be absent from WrestleMania 37 which will occur next weekend.