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Star Vs The Forces of Evil Season 5: Release Date, Plotline and more.

Star Vs The Forces of Evil with a great IMBD rating of 8.0 is being petitioned by the fans for its renewal. Has the petition warmed the hearts of the makers? And will the finally be getting the awaited fifth season of the series this year? Readout below to know the answers to all your questions regarding the impending season of Star Vs The Forces of Evil along with some additional scoop on the series.

Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Release Date of Season 5

All the prior seasons of Star Vs The Forces of Evil had gained positive reviews from the critics and had also was a remarkably hit series for the viewers.

Regardless, there has been no official announcement made by the creators of the show regarding the renewal of Star Vs The Forces of Evil for their fifth season.

Also, it has been a long time since Disney aired the last episode of the series which was on May 18, 2019.

Disney has also made no claims whether there is a chance of the fifth season of the series. For this particular reason, the fans have banded together and are currently working together to release a petition for the show’s renewal. There is a possibility that the makers would provide heed to the petition and the demands of the fans to renew the series for more seasons.

Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Cast and Characters

If the fifth season happens then it won’t be possible without the series protagonist and magical princess, Star Butterfly voiced by Eden Sher.

Adam McArthur will be seeing voicing Marco Diaz, Star’s human friend and later love interest.

The major avarian from Mewni and the antagonist of the show Ludo Avarius will be voiced by Alan Tudyk.

Nia Vardalos will voice as Mrsiaz while Nate Torrence will lend his voice as Ferguson.

Skullnick will be voiced by Dee Dee Rescher whereas Mr. Diaz will be voiced by Artt Butler and will be joined by Jenny Slate who will voice Pony Head.

Star Vs The Forces of Evil: Expected Plotline

The fourth season concluded with a lot of new revelations. One of them included Star and Marco finally realizing their growing established feelings for each other and accepting the fact that they have fallen for each other while facing the challenges along with taking their relationship to the next level.

The fans are expecting to see more romance and love between the duo in the speculated fifth season of Star Vs The Forces of Evil along with new adventures and challenges.

On the other hand, fans are anticipating the fate of magic in the show. As the fans have seen in the finale episode of the fourth season, that Star suggests a method that might increase their chances of defeating the Solarian warriors, who were controlled by Mina Loveberry. The solution that she suggests involves destroying the magic altogether.

But the outcome of the scenario comes with a two-prong effect. The solution might not only defeat the Solarian warriors but it may wipe the magical powers of everyone who wields it which also includes Star from all the realms.

It will close the gates of all the other dimensions which also means closing the only access she has to her majority of inter-dimensional friends including her love interest, Marco Diaz.

Hence, if the fifth season happens then Star will be seen struggling with making certain tough decisions and facing heavy repercussions of those decisions.

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