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Sufjan Stevens will be releasing a five-part album ‘Convocations’ as a tribute to his late father.

Sufjan Stevens has confirmed that his new five-part album named Convocations which is all scheduled to come this year in May and is an homage to his late father. Read below to find out all the information you need to know about the artist’s upcoming instrumental album including the dates they will be released on.

About: Sufjan Stevens to release Convocations this May.

The quarantine due to coronavirus has been keeping many artists busy and productive much like the indie-pop star Sufjan Stevens.

The Chicago singer’s eighth studio album titled The Ascension arrived last year in September which was an 80-minute-long record and much recently he teased his fan with the news that another album is on the way which will be released this year.

The US singer-songwriter announced in a very subtle way on Tumblr on Monday (April 5)- which is his only account on social media- that a ‘new holistic music’ would be releasing this week. His music label, Asthmatic Kitty officially confirmed the news today.

Unfortunately, Stevens is not going to be pursuing his project of the 50-state album but instead he will be releasing an instrumental record called Convocations and which is scheduled to come this year on May 6 in a digital edition. The physical version of Convocations will be available from August 20 on a box set of 5xLP colored vinyl editions.

The upcoming record of Steven will like his 2006 released album Songs For Christmas will consist of five volumes. They are Meditations,  Lamentations, Revelations, Celebrations, and Incantations. While The Ascension comprised of fifteen tracks, Convocations will break its record as it will be composed of a total of forty-nine instrumental songs.

According to a press release, the tracks of the record Convocations will be of two-and-a-half-hour and was described as a ‘requiem mass for our present times of difficulty’ as well as mentioned that the songs will most likely enable feelings that are meant to be felt.

The five volumes of the forthcoming record will each be imitating several stages of the process of mourning. The songs that are included in the album would be providing us with a number of emotions as it promises to invoke feelings such as calmness along with a hint of hurt and by the end of listening to these songs we will be left in the state of wonder.

The coming album of Convocations was created by Stevens as a homage to his biological father who passed away last year in September, just two days later after his album The Ascension was released.

The remaining tracks of Meditations are slated to arrive this coming Thursday i.e. April 8 and will be released on Youtube via a live-streamed broadcasting channel. On the other hand, Lamentations will be released on April 15 and will be followed by Revelations which will come on April 22. Celebrations will be released on April 29 and lastly, Incantations which is all set to arrive on May 6.

The full Convocations collection can now be pre-ordered or pre-saved on various music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezee, Tidal along with Amazon Prime Music Unlimited.

Earlier this year, Stevens teamed up with the trumpet player CJ Camerieri- who is also the co-founder of yMusic and is often known as CARM- for the track Song Of Trouble which is featured on CARM’s self-titled debut album.

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