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Thin skin guru Jordan Peterson is angry that latest villain incarnation of The Red Skull because he talks like him

Red Skull

The best marvel supervillain just got incarnated by the other villain who exactly talks like him. As we know the marvel got too different and high standards when it comes to villains, the Red skull was one of the best and brightest characters as a supervillain. And fans loved it in the way the supervillains should be loved.

The red skull is the role comically reactionary lifestyle. He just got his hands on his latest comic-book incarnation which was written by Yep Nahesi Coates. This villain was technically played by Jordan Petersen the comically reactionary lifestyle guru as soon as he got to the hot news he was mad about it online and even tweeted about it.

Which said, ” Do I live in a universe where Ta-Nehisi Coates has written a Captain American comic featuring a parody of my ideas of part of such a philosophy of the arch-villain Red skull?”

He raged online and tweeted when he saw the news and was mad about it. When it got started that it sounds like him.

After the tweet, Lily Simpson commented ” it’s pretty funny that Jordan Petersen is complaining that the Nazi Supervillain sounds just like him ”

But most of the comments said it does sound like him and the voice base is similar but some resemble and say it’s far more than his voice. As we all know the internet is where every miracle takes place.

Red skull resembles the head of the Nazi terrorist activities with an additional large role in marvel comics this supervillain character has its intelligence and sabotage as the havoc was throughout Europe during World War, 2.

Marvel fans gave this supervillain more than the fanbase it needed and made this character a highlight of the series. As he rising through power during world war 2 he became the more powerful and became one of the most dangerous villains who is the best enemies of Captain America. The role was much more named as Johann Schmidt. The red skull was also mentioned in the History of Hydra.

And he’s also a part of the world’s most terror fearsome group and is dangerous to the next level. After the first came hydra queen these terrors happened and Red skull also became a part of it.

But the point where Jordon Petersen thought that the voice of Red skull happened to be resembled by his voice base was pretty funny but as we all know the internet got the attention it needs and can make a joke out of the way and that the company of Hydra will think it would be funny too.

And S.H.I.E.L.D and Captain America will know this and make fun out of it or not. Who knows.

Let’s say Jordon Petersen will get noticed. And will keep hailing Hydra in Real-world in a funny way. The Nazi terrorist of World War Two got its boys after all.

As you read the article talk and discuss and share your opinions in the comment sections about what you think about the funny fact of Jordan Peterson accusing the Marvel comic Red skull about.

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