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Yandy And Mendeeces Talking about racism at Primere show of “At Home With The Robertsons”

At Home With Robertsons: talking about racism.

 Love and hip-hop stars Yandy and Mendeeces were invited to the show “At home with Robertsons ” which was the concept of ” Raising a child of black skin in America” it was based on this topic they also invited their son Will. When they addressed ” we will be talking with our black son Will” 19-year- old son.

Korie said encountering all the racism in this world saying ” to me it was always shocking when she explained to her normal black skin child when he asked about the thing which happened of ” Charlottesville thing” happened he made his son not take it seriously and she always said it’s like in the past but she always felt sad about it.

Yandy was saw phrasing ” we can cut off the beard, we can not get any tattoos but you can’t wash off your black skin ” this was a powerful statement that was made by Yandy in this episode which premiered yesterday. On the premiere of Facebook Watch Original Series “At Home With The Robertsons” which was directed and formed by “Duck Dynasty” and the cast of this show Willie and Korie Robertson will get to have many conversations about the daily race in the new lifestyle and the differences that happened to be between the millennials and Gen-Z.

They practically talking about the problems that people need to face to raise a black skin color child in America and on how terms they are treated. And what it’s like to get raised by white parents. As their son Will Robertson is black.

They also invited him to the show to get to know his opinions. As his father Willie talked he phrased that this adoption happened because they were about to and should wait for more than 2 years to get a white skin child unless they wanted a black skin child. They didn’t even think about it and we’re ready for the adoption.

And then Korie added we didn’t think it gave much attention to this hideous race of discrimination until this Charlottesville thing happened and it was shocking and sad and they were all these questions that they got when they were in public that “wait! Who does this kid belong to ” and “who’s the black kid?”

Will was talking and sharing his own experiences which state the trauma he got as he was just a normal human being with dark skin. He said “I was the only black kid in my grade, and my friends all were white” and he always used to look at himself in the mirror and gave himself ted talks which were slightly like ” it doesn’t matter I’m just a little bit darker than them” ” As soon as he grew up he just thought it was little less than a more authentic problem of discrimination in our society.

Here’s the link which was the trailer that was shown for this episode.

As far as we know racism will always be the biggest disease that will never find its cure. Let’s hope this future and society gets as good as the human deserves it to be.

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