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Baby steps: Season 3| Is It Cancelled? Release date And Other News.

Baby steps

Baby steps are the best series in the category of tennis-themed anime series which includes the production of studio pierrot’s and it was stated as the best sports anime of this decade.

Baby steps are based on the sports academy and it was the best tennis anime ever in the best manga series category. This first season was released back in 2008 and continued for a decade and after with total episodes of 47 volumes based on chapters that happened until December 2017. This storyline and the production of this series was categorized only in terms of the contract with studio Pierrot

The first season premiered in 2014 and was with a volume of 25 episodes. It was technically aired between April and September and after a literal few weeks fans got hooked to this show and were obsessed over this volume and the fact that this show always been the hype on sports academy and fans got the spirit to play tennis.

After all the fame it got this studio didn’t fall back and continued to grow and develop the process to get the other season ready for their fans. They aired the second season around April 2015.

After these two seasons, the fans are more likely to be motivated by this tennis-themed anime and they are eagerly waiting to get their eyes on the other season which is third. But the studio neither had renewed nor canceled this series and it would be great to get the eyes on the series season 3 as soon as possible.

Many of the fans raised their questions on an interview with studio pierrots that when will be the season 3 will get aired on and the teaser and the trailer will be released. But the studio kept mum and didn’t answer any of these fans’ raised queries. But the rumors are aroused and it is said that season 3 of this Baby steps series is on the verge of cancellation. But the main reason behind the cancellation was the lies which were suddenly were charged on the cancellation on the lies. Back then in 2017, Kodansha called off the series and show when it was gaining much fame in 2017. He wanted to call it off the reason behind it was.

The MAL comment disclosed that the publishing company of this series unnecessarily fired Mangaka Hikaru Katsuki then this commenter said that this series is discontinued because Weekly Shonen wanted to change its genres. Since the story was incomplete it was hard for the writer and reader to know where this story goes on to. While this none of the has been confirmed by any officials and websites this is an issue that should get solved soon.

As the fans are roaming around the rumors about the future of the Baby steps series this is the worst thing that had happened to their entertainment break after this pandemic.

As of the release date that will be announced by the studio if it’s likely to happen the date would be likely to be released around any corner of 2022.

As per the sources, it’s just about to hope to get the favorite anime back.

Here’s the link to a little video according to the review and release date. Check it out.

Do you guys are eagerly awaiting Baby steps season 3? And how desperate you are to get your eyes on it? Fill in the comment section below it let’s know how you guys feel.

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