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Finally a good news Perseverance Rover finally landed on the Mars !!

NASA’s rover finally landed on Mars and started its search for a place to live on.

NASA’s Jezoro Carter on February 18, successfully dropped the ‘Belly Pan’ covering its sampling system last week. And the mission team which sends the rover to investigate can now check the sampling system of the planet.

Years ago people were trying to find life on Mars they never stopped trying and they are still counting on their chances of winning the spot on Mars and make it easier to have life on the planet.

This rover of perseverance finally landed on the mars and it’s all close to send data to the labs of the rocks and get their detailing of the stuff it had on the planet.

This rover is car-sized and it’ll store all its data in its stomach and send the data to the labs through satellites. This rover was sent on Feb 18 and finally landed last week with its system on it.

Mission team’s members also said that “Checking things out before I release the ” ‘ Ejectable belly pan’ on Friday march 12 via preserve’s official account. After they got the confirmation and they ejected to it the last week system got installed and was ready to take pictures of the rocks and the things they have on Mars.

After that, on Saturday the Twitter official account posted 13 pictures on her on March 13 showing the cover sitting safely on the Martin Surface.

And after that, the tweet from the Saturday added that “up next is sampling my system to now that now the cover panel is off”

The rover also contains this rotating drills carousel which contains different types of drills that will be used on itstath to having the same power and the adjustability to take all the pictures and store them in its tank and send them back next to there are 43 sample tubes that are awaited to get filled up.

Also, these NASA’s officials wrote all these categories and the technicalities that this rover would be doing in their explainers about their sampling system.

As the rover is a big car shaped and is filled with all the essential battery fuel and the sample collection. These big arms of the rover will help detaching the rocks and others will work in their way and get back to have to collect the samples.

It’s said that there’s a small robotic center in the body of that rover in which with the help of the big arms they collect the samples there and runs some tests and then they send the data back to the satellites which provide the information to the facilities at the Nasa. They also added that the small arm picks up and moves new samples in the tubes to the drill and then transfers the data into these new chaperoned-filled containers.

Then the samples would be marked on the depots of this martin surface and they will mark the places from where they took the stuffing and the evidence will be marked for further inquiries.

Finally, Mars is getting read and agrees it’ll be time for a new invention as soon as possible. Hope everyone succeeds.

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