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Heath Ledger’s Daughter Matilda enjoyes living a private life with her mother, Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams went through the unthinkable and still proceeds to accomplish the impossible as she manages to keep the privacy of her now 15-year-old  daughter Matilda Ledger. Read below to know all about the mother-daughter duo including some information on how Matilda seems to have shared a common interest with her father and the late Hollywood actor Heath Ledger.

About: Michelle Williams maintains Matilda Ledger’s Privacy

The Dawson’s Creek leading lady shared Matilda with the late actor Heath Ledger who died due to acute drug intoxication on January 22, 2008 however an autopsy performed later on the actor revealed a cocktail of several prescription medications in his system. Matilda was only two when she lost her father twenty-eight years old father to substance abuse.

Heath’s last completed work to be ever released The Dark Knight was still months away from being released on the big screens although he was posthumously awarded an Oscar for the DC film the following year. The actor however left behind an unfinished Terry Gilliam directorial The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, for which later not one but three actors were prompted to fill his shoes. The fantasy film was theatrically premiered in 2009 and also marked Heath’s final appearance on the screens.

While Hollywood mourned the loss of Heath and some people started snooping around about the legendary actor’s work schedule in the months, weeks and days that followed his death to unveil for some kind of traceable route from A to B, it was the loved ones that he left behind that had to live through the memories with the memories along with their being changed forever.

The sets of Brokeback Mountain commenced the love story of Heath and Michelle who couldn’t have looked smitten with each other as they paraded around the film’s festival circuit as well as the awards season of 2006. The stunning couple welcomed their daughter, Matilda in 2005 but parted ways after two years.

After Heath Ledger’s unfortunate demise, Michelle Willaims now takes care of their daughter, Matilda Ledger, and never fails a moment to cherish Matilda’s presence in her life along with keeping her privacy entirely out of the public eye.

But it seems like Matilda is her father’s daughter as it was recently reported that she has is following in the footsteps of the classic 10 Things I Hate About You movie actor. Matilda has taken a liking to one of the obsessions of Heath and is probably on the way to take it to a whole new level.

As reported by the outlet New Idea, Matilda Ledger too is addicted to chess which was one of the late Hollywood actors, Heath Ledger’s favorite activities. The platform also received that Matilda was not only good but is getting better than Heath at chess and is hitting new heights in the sport.

Matilda has also discovered her dad’s former chessboard and reportedly regularly practices in it as well. There are also certain chances that the doting daughter is on the way to become the game’s Grandmaster and she couldn’t be any more proud of Matilda showing such potential at a very young age.

Twitter also honored Heath on what would have been his 42nd birthday on 4th April 2021. The movie buffs and the dedicated fans of Ledger gave a tribute to the actor on the social platforms by sharing still from his films as well as quoting his remarkable lines to accentuate his contribution to the film industry.

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