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Keanu Reeves to supposedly feature in Justice League 2 as John Constantine.

While the interest of the fans of Constantine demanding sequel peaks, Keanu Reeves and the makers of the movie recently got together to discuss the possibility of it happening. As many fans are curious about the status of Constantine 2, recently some rumors have paved their way regarding Reeves also featuring as the superhero detective in DCEU film Justice League 2. Here’s what we know:

Keanu Reeves: Constantine 2

Back in 2005 Keanu Reeves teamed up with the DC universe and came up with a revised version of the superhero John Constantine who is often recognized as Hellblazer. Reeves altered the character a little by ditching his British accent as well as Constantine’s usual blonde hair with his original black hair. Suffice to say, he made a pretty decent supernatural detective in the movie.

The screening of Constantine also marked the directorial debut of Francis Lawrence with the expectation of turning it into a franchise.

However, when Constantine finally screened in theatres in 2005, it wasn’t a huge hit. Nonetheless, the movie managed to earn a gross amount of 230 million dollars internationally and received more mixed reviews from critics and viewers which was a hint enough that the movie was not in a position for a sequel for the time being.

Regardless, the movie has managed to develop a sort of cult as time passed. As Reeves once again claimed the ladder of success due to blockbuster hit John Wick, fans were more than eager to have another piece of Constantine which gave rise to several rumors regarding the sequel of DC superhero film. While some theories claimed that the Constantine 2 will have a theatrical release some speculated that Reeves will once again put on the attire of Constantine for an HBO Max series by Justice League Dark.

Francis Lawrence and Keanu Reeves have shared their desire to develop the sequel of Constantine back in the summer of last year and now there is a chance that Constantine 2 might be on the way to happen.

The release date of Constantine 2 is still very much being kept under the wraps by the producing studio Warner Bros. and DC Films and as there are still no official announcements made by the makers the current status of the development is yet to be known.

Keanu Reeves: Justice League 2

Actor Peter Stormare who was seen as Lucifer in the prior movie of Constantine might have confirmed the news. Stormare shared a random still from Constantine and wrote in the caption ‘Sequel In The Works’ which can be regarded as a green signal.

Besides that, it could prove to be a blunder for Stormare to reveal such a definitive statement without actually having any clue about the sequel which eventually leads to the fact the Fargo star has priorly discussed the arrangement with the production house. But so far he is the only actor to have outright declared a statement about the sequel being in production.

On the other hand, Justice League 2 will reportedly be an expansion of the DCU. Nonetheless, there has still no official announcement made that would confirm the production of the film. Besides that, Keanu Reeves to reprise his role as John Constantine is still not revealed. Regardless, if Reeves is to join the ensemble for Justice League 2 is will surely add a supernatural element to it.

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