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One of the most entertaining anime : Shomin Sample season 2 is here , All you need to know !!!

Shomin Sample

This comedy genre, anime which is also told to be a light novel, Shomin Sample has its own words of craze it got because of the content which included comedy and harem.

It was written by Takafumi Nanatuski which was produced in and around November 11, 2011, to July 20, 2016, which had its first time in the 6 years and it all allowed in season 1 and now they’re thinking about how to get the most out of it’s a storyline in season 2. It’s almost 5 years since the beginning of this series and after that viewers are very excited to know about season 2.

This manga version contained 11 volumes with 1 short novel and season 2 is to be expected to be completed by the end of 2021

Shomin Sample is based on the short form of I was abducted by an Elite All-girls school as a simple commoner. As we read the title track of the most important things to do in the series will get understood by the glance of the series itself.

As we know the tagline says the storyline. Shomin Sample got this manga name in an anime adaption “Ore ga Ojou Sama Gakkou Ni ” in a manga name.

It’s based on typical comedy series about the social divide with sexual implications existing in-jokes this series was t from the others and the fanbase got more and more at the end of the day it was aired.

It was telecasted on tv and Funimation and Crunchyroll sites Hulu got its version with English subtitles.

Silver ink Studios, who created the debut of this anime series didn’t announce the launch and release of the series, and neither it got canceled.

As the official sites didn’t talk about the future season of it and the second half of the Manga series. It’s been five years and fans are still waiting to hear the word from the officials. However, the officials are not revealing anything else.

There were 11 volumes and 1 short novel as per the source but the first season contained 12 episodes. As the content creators and exclusive super team on this manga series is more yet to have the more source of content to write and have more information to create a good and humorous storyline for season 2

Fans are everywhere and awaiting their best interest of the most best-humored series and the rest of the season. As per the officials, the fans got the good news there is the source that revealed that this season 2 will get released in 2021.

It’s all about the main character, Kimito Kagurazaka who is an ordinary school student. And one day he was forcefully enrolled into the girl’s school Seikain which is almost about the girls of innocence and are most often likely to have their world and the story revolves around how they both survive which includes somehow good comedy and Harem content which doesn’t stop to give humor.


This is the link to a sample review of the video of Shomin Sample.

Fans are waiting for season 2 eagerly. Hope this season will be as good as the first season.

Hope you guys enjoy it. And also Weebs can help their thoughts out in the comment section below. Feel free to rant your mind out about the series.

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