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Outlander is All Set To Return With Season 6 – Release Date, Plot, Everything You Need To Know.

For all the fans of the Outlander series, here’s some good news for you all to rejoice about. Outlander is returning back with its next season. Excited? In this article, I will try to brief out, everything that you need to know.

I know you all must have been waiting for quite a long time now to get some new seasons of Outlander. But I hope you understand this when I say that just like any other show business, even the shootings of Outlander Season 6 faced some delay due to the global pandemic.

Outlander will come with Season 6

Well, it was back in 2018 itself, when the official announcements were made regarding the extension of two new seasons – season 5, season 6. Chris Albrecht who is the Starz president and CEO made a statement on the new season. You will get to enjoy the new challenges, and adventures that will be thrown at Claire and Jamie. The story of Frasers settling in the New  York World will also continue herewith.

Is the information about the release of season 6 correct?

Well, I am not assuming any of this information. It’s actually actor Sam Heughan who made it clear to us through his Q&A session on Twitter that the work of season 6had already begun. Don’t believe me? Well, you can check his March 2020 activities, you will know yourself!

This revelation was made when one of the fans asked him if he had started working on scripts from Season 6. Answering to which he told him that he had already started working on episode 1 of season 6. Therefore the shootings of season 6 started even before the finale of season 5 was aired.

Outlander' Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Trailer

And of course, with the ongoing global pandemic, you can expect some delay in the work. From the photo shared by Heughan in the month of February, I can surely tell you that they were back on set to start off their shootings. He captioned the photo with the line “We’re BACK!!”. In spite of the global pandemic and all the adversities, the actor feels very lucky to get the opportunity to resume work. Following all safety protocols, the shootings were carried forward.

It was only in March 2021, that the show released some pictures from the production house showing us some looks from behind the scenes.

Who are the casts for the new season?

This season, you will get to enjoy the performance of many new stars. Sophie Skelton expressed her happiness in welcoming new faces in one of her interviews. Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin will return as the couple, Brianna and Roger Mackenzie. This season the couple will have to deal with more adversities than they have ever faced so far in any of the seasons.

The season will welcome the Fisher-Folk and Christie family. In fact, sources said that this season the cast will include John Bell who will act as Young Ian, Lauren Lyle will act as Marsali and Cesar Domboy will act as Fergus. Well, we have also come to know that Mark Lewis Jones, Jessica Reynolds, and Alexander Vlahos will play the role of Christie’s, Tom, Malva, and Allan.

Well, I can’t inform you of the date of premiere night as it hasn’t been announced so far. However, you must know that the stars have already started working for Season 7.