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Anthony Ramos Replaces Mark Wahlberg As Lead In Transformers 7

Here’s some exciting news for all the fans of the star Anthony Ramos and all the fans of Transformers. Read this article to find out what exactly I am talking about.

The movie which is soon to be released In the Heights has received a decent amount of response from the public. The way the features were adapted and were showcased to the public has left a mark of self-assurance in the eyes of the public. The movie is sure to be a major hit whenever it comes to the theatres. The movie will be released during the summer.

Following such a beautiful response from the public, has attracted many producers towards the star of In the Heights, Anthony Ramos. Yes, you have heard me right. Anthony is now in great demand. So, you can expect Anthony to come with some huge projects sooner. While one such project is Transformers. Are you excited?

The producers of the next Transformers have their eyes on Anthony for the lead role.

Well, a lot has been going on in the world of Transformers. Paramount and Hasbro have decided to utilize the popular Steven Caple Jr. from Creed II to direct in the next Transformers. In fact, for the future of the franchise, the script of Joby Harold is chosen over James Vanderbilt’s pitch. We have received these pieces of information from various reliable sources.

Details of the plot of Transformers are still not available to the public. But sources have also confirmed that the producers are negotiating with your favorite Ramos for the lead role. This time, the lead role needs to play the role of a hero who is flawed and vulnerable. The hero has made quite a number of mistakes in his life and after the realization is all set to redeem himself. In the process, he will seek the help of Optimum Prime.

However to all the pieces of information, Paramount has so far remained silent.

Paramount has made it big with the movie properties of Transformers and Mission: Impossible. Transformers and Mission: Impossible movies are the biggest movie property of Paramount. Therefore, the studio is maintaining all precautions with the next chapter of the franchise. This time the studio is aiming to bring about overall changes and executing this aim, the studio has decided to make Caple the first director of color. In addition to the director, the studio is all set to cast a diverse leading man as the front face of the movie.

With the movie,  In the Heights, Ramos has already become a major star. His phenomenal work on the movie has landed many great opportunities on his hand. He has also worked with great stars like –  Lin-Manuel Miranda on Hamilton. Not only this, but he has also signed for the lead role in Amblin’s sci-fi movie Distant. In Distant, he will work beside Naomi Scott (Aladdin).

Ramos has made incredible features so far. His great works include – the role of Lady Gaga’s best friend in A Star is Born, the role of Staff Sergeant in Godzilla: King of Monsters. He also starred in Reinaldo Marcus Green‘s Sundance drama Monsters and Men opposite John David Washington. Ramos also played the role of Mars Blackmon in SpikeLee’s Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It. His other works include – featuring in the Liam Neeson thriller Honest Thief and also took on a voice role in Trolls World Tour. Now, the audience is also expecting Ramos to appear in HBO’s revival of In Treatment.