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As The Batman Will Have Robert Pattinson As Bruce Wayne, Will Ben Affleck Ever Return Back?

Every time there’s some news on the release of a DC movie, I am sure, all the fans’ heart goes Ooh La La! And I am sure you will agree with me when I say that Batman is the most loved character in the Dc series. Speaking of Batman, of course, we can’t stop thinking about Bruce Wayne, right?

Do you remember Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy? I think that trilogy has raised the bar for the characters to an extreme height. We are getting news about the release of The Batman in 2022. This time it is directed by Matt Reeves. But I am here to give you the most surprising news! Yes.

The Batman: Everything we know about Robert Pattinson's DC movie | EW.com

Who are the characters in The Batman this time?

This time, Robert Pattinson will play the role of Batman. Surprised? Well, we all are. This news has gone viral on the internet. Additionally, you get to enjoy the performance of Zoe Kravitz who will be Catwoman, Paul Dano who will play the role of Riddler. This time Matt will not be only directing the movie but will also write the screenplay with Peter Craig.

On the announcement of The Batman, I know, you must have also been assuming like many other audiences that Ben Affleck will direct as well as star in the movie. But all rumors were blown off after learning how Affleck’s previous role as batman suffered huge criticism from the audience and as a result the movie never did well. With this downfall and criticism, Affleck promised himself to never play that role again. But now you should know that instead of recasting, the movie is going to be revamped. Do you know The Batman will now be separated from the DCEU, similar to odd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker?

Where will The Batman be set up?

Information about setting The Batman on DCEU’s Earth-2 is now stirring up the internet. In fact, you will also get to see Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis)! The details about the plot of the story are still under making. Warner Bros. is planning to slip the idea of Multiverse for its superheroes and instead set The Batman in DCEU’s Earth-2. According to the reports from THR, there’s a huge probability of setting all the heroes from other DCEU to the same universe.

Will there be sequels from The SnyderVerse?

If you are a huge DC fan, I am sure you must have not missed Ben Affleck’s Snyder’s Justice League. Affleck did return to shoot the sequel for the Knightmare. This idea of making Justice League sequels was already there in Zack Synder’s mind, however, Warner Bros. was indifferent to it. But there is huge demand from the audience to get sequels from The Synder Verse. So, now we can just wait for the confirmation about the sequel. However, Matt is sure to not participate in this sequel because he has already reported that Pattinson’s version of the Dark Knight will be set on Earth-2.

With this movie, Gotham will finally find some important space in the DC series. Gotham will now be lively and promises to focus more on heroism and selfless acts.

Is Pattinson’s version of The Batman accepted?

On hearing about Robert Pattinson being Bruce Wayne this time, the internet was taken aback. But with the release of the trailer, people have fallen in love with the character. You will not be able to remain calm once you see Pattinson in the Bat Suit. In fact, Matt has said that the movie will focus on the detective skills of Batman. This time the tactics to solve problems will be more like old school version rather than utilizing heavy and sophisticated technology and analytical skills. Are you excited to see the simple version of Batman, set on a different Earth, and will try to solve problems?

But there’s a huge lot of other stuff to work on – constructing and developing the Matt’sown multiverse. So let’s just wait for Matt to work it out on his own.