DC Fans Now Want Emma Stone to Join DCEU as The Batgirl After Seeing Amazing Fan art

Ok so I hope we all remember Batgirl from the movie “Batman and Robin”, I know it is a really old film of 1997 but surprisingly after that we never saw Batgirl playing any other character.It is almost 23 years but still the star never really appeared in cinemas anymore. Ok so now we are searching for a Batgirl to star in the upcoming Warner Bros. produce show. So can we get her back or there is someone else on the line?

Can Emma Stone Play The Role of The Famous Batgirl Character

Currently, we all Warner Bros is upto to produce a show featuring solely on “Wonder Woman”. So there will be many superhero characters in the show and we are searching for some extremely good characters to star in the production of the show. There is soon going to be a movie named “Batgirl One Day”,  this movie will mainly revolve around the evolution of Batman’s daughter, her life, her experience of roller coasters. Earlier also in the past we have heard alot about this movie, but the release date never really made onto the line. Not even we got a hint of the film production setup or anything. After wait of years and years, there have been plans made for the film and there are high rumours about the very famous Emma Stone to star in the show.

Fans Want Emma Stone to  Join The Network DCEU as Batgirl. Know Why So?

One of the best actor who could nail the role of Batgirl and do justice to the character is one and only Emma Stone. Previously the character of Batgirl was played by Barbara Gordon. But now after seeing this amazing Instagram post, people think Emma will be perfect for the role. Recently one of the famous digital content creator, the talented Valentin Romero made an amazing attempt of portraying Emma Stone as Batgirl, she was looking astonishing in that black Batman outfit.

The creator really nailed the art. Fans got amazed after seeing the picture. The way her hair and dress were drawn were really commendable.Batgirl in that sturdy hood was giving thrills to all the other superheroes in the line. The costume which she tried to draw was originally inspired by CW Batwoman dress. She used the same thought on Batgirl’s costume, customizing it with standard colours, black and yellow.We still don’t know properly about the Batgirl movie but according to us it will be a TV series on HBO.

The Batgirl logo has been confirmed, work is going on that. What kind of logo will we get for the character of Batgirl is still going to be revealed soon. We are really excited to see the logo. And we are too the most excited to see the movie and to see the cast. The fan art has really shaken the whole internet platform. The portraying of such amazing art forms actually light the fire for the movie.We are looking forward for receiving a great series or movie around Batgirl.