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Is Travis Scott Dating Kylie Jenner? Relationship History And More

The most handsome Hollywood actor Travis Scott is back again in the dating game. He has dated some of the really gorgeous ladies of the industries,you can precisely tell that he cannot go wrong when it comes to girls. Well the actor plays the spotlight in every news channel. Recently the actor has been dating someone. With career brightness, we also need to know about celebrity love life. So let’s begin and see who is the current girlfriend of this actor and how strong his bond is with that star.

The star of Hollywood Travis Scott

Travis Scott is one of the young generation star of our Hollywood industry. This star who is probably of only 28 years old is a professional singer, not only he sings song but he also write up the lyrics of the song, to this he is also a renowned rapper and the most astonishing he even records his own songs. When it comes to music, then this star has his own taste of music. He likes to mis and match traditional rap with hip-hop and creates his own form of songs. Moreover, he is extremely nice with his fans. We all know how humble he gets to his audience during concerts. His famous songs includes hit of all the times like Goosebumps, Sicko mode, and Highest in the Jack Room. Now let’s see who is his love of the life!!!

Is it True that Travis Scott Is Dating Kylie Jenner?

Well there are some really close picture of the two streaming on internet. But we are sure that the popstar is not dating Kylie Jenner. They were in relationship earlier but now they are just over. They broke up accordingly in the year 2019. Both have been really close to each other during the past time,even they have dated for a couple of years, almost three years to say precisely,but they are not back anymore. Though a bit of love spark still is clearly visible between the two. They share a beautiful and gorgeous daughter of 3 year old, so automatically both of them spend a lot of time together but still they have moved their ways away. Even after separating off, both look really adorable in pictures.

Travis Scott Past Relationship History And Timeline

When it comes to women, Travis has a really good taste,he selects his girlfriends just like he composes his songs. He has a really nice taste when it comes to his love life. The guy has dated a couple of girls in these past years. So let’s take a quick view over it. When he came into the industry, his first girlfriend in the Hollywood life is Rubi Rose. They dated for about 8 months in the year 2014. However, they weren’t really that close to each other.

Then Travis dated one of the famous singer of all the time, one and only Rihanna. Travis even received huge lime light because of this. The news of them being together went on like fire. But sooner or later their relationship faded away. Then comes in the line Karreuche Tran, but according to some of the reports,she wasn’t really his girlfriend, it was a just a rumour that they were dating. Currently the star is not really involved with any actress from the Hollywood.