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Kim Jones x Converse Chuck 70 came out on April 8: Where to cop them and everything you need to know.

Kim Jones x Converse Chuck 70 has done an excellent job in elevating the classic Chuck 70 , whilst remaining true to its authentic roots and modifying the sneakers with only some subtle details so that the latest shoes won’t contradict with the original Chuck 70. Read below to find out all about the latest sneakers including the date of their release so you can cop them before they fly off the shelves.

About: Kim Jones collaboration with Converse.

When Converse disclosed about their lineup for 2021’s collaborators, some rare names piqued the curiosity of many people. Off-White, Tyler, the Creator along with Telfa and Kim Jones are considered to be the most anticipated collaboration with the well-known shoe brand.

The British fashion designer, Kim Jones has formerly worked with Louis Vuitton for their men’s collection and is today teamed up with popular brands such as Dior and Fendi as their Artistic Director. Hence, Jones can have arguably obtained the fashion designer for the industry in the past several years.

Back in 2017, Jones managed to convince Supreme to band together with Louis Vuitton along with bringing Shawn Stussy and Jordan Brand to Dior just last year. So it’s a known fact that Jones knows his way around a collaboration, be it in the fashion industry or the sneaker enterprise.

Nevertheless, the rockstar’s latest collaboration with Converse is something to look out for. Jones has truly lived up to his reputation in this alliance as he has given a quite fascinating makeover to the iconic Converse Chuck 70. The luxury version of the sneakers has been altered to a ’90s-inspired look with the classic colours of the standard duration- black with white detailing and all-white- beautifully blended on the kicks.

The Kim Jones x Converse Chuck 70 will be releasing on April 8 on the official website of Converse and will also include apparels such as a crewneck sweatshirt, parka along with cargo pants and also a T-shirt.

Jones rendition of the original Chuck 70 can be perceived as a huge stark contrast to his collaboration with Nike. Nike Air Max 95 which arrived in the shops earlier this year was regarded to be slightly disappointing as Jones had to just change the colors, materials, and graphics of the shoes but decided to keep the design of the kicks still intact. The kicks are anyhow, presently still sitting in the stores and are reportedly in their full-size runs.

Learning from his mistakes, Jones decided to give only subtle reversals to the forthcoming sneaker. And it can be seen in the results as the shoe came out to be looking new along with having a quite diverse effect to it. The kicks though unrecognizable, still retained few aspects of the label’s beloved Chuck 70 like having its base design in the aesthetic.

Chuck 7 which was once regarded as a go-to shoe for the generation of punk-rock is now being modified it having a more streetwear look thanks to the Jones creative input as well as the design team members of Converse who worked together for the amended edition.

The upcoming kicks will now become with a transparent cag which will be made out of TPU along with supposedly having a trompe-l’oeil sole that can be viewed as a platform. Another key detail added by Jones is his name on the tongue of the shoes.