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Netflix Lupin Part 2 To Return With A Bang: Release Date Teased? Trailer Teaser Released

You heard it right!! It’s finally happening, the second part of Lupin is here. Well, good news on the way. The last season was a bang on and since then we have been missing it get back on screen, well finally after such a long wait it’s here. Let me take you through everything we know!


Overview of Lupin Part 1

Part one of this series, Lupin revolves around the character named Assane Diop. He tries to take revenge for his father’s death. His father was Babakar and he was falsely accused of stealing the diamond necklace which originally belonged to a character named Marie Antoinette. Assane knows the main culprit who might have stolen the necklace. According to him, he thinks his father’s boss Hubert Pellegrini was behind the crime and he falsely framed his father instead to hide his faults. While we saw before dying, his father hands over a blueprint to Assane. Thus Assane tried to follow everything chalked up in that blueprint and works according to that plan.

We see Assane closer to his motives but soon after the fifth episode, the show round-up with a conclusion which showed a cliffhanger but who was the person behind it? Well, to know the mystery and the truth, you have to watch the second episode and you still haven’t watched the first episode then you must watch it first, it’s available on Netflix.

Release date Lupin part 2 revealed?

We expect Part 2 of Lupin will premiere on Netflix probably around this year, during late summer 2021. Part 1 was wrapped up with only five episodes. But during the final wrap, the official handlers of the series announced that soon it will be back on screen for a second run. Well, this season too will have 5 episodes in total. We can’t really control our emotions and we expect the release date to reveal soon.

The cast of Lupin Part 2 is Here!!

We expect the following cast members to be on the show:

  • Omar Sy will play the role of Assane Diop.
  • Ludivine Sagnier is scheduled to be Claire.
  • Etan Simon will act as Raoul on the show.
  • Antoine Gouy will be playing the role of Benjamin Feral in the show.
  • Hervé Pierre will act in the role of Hubert Pellegrini.
  • Vincent Garanger will be shown as Gabriel Dumont in the show.
  • Vincent Londez will be displaying Captain Romain Laugier in the show.
  • Soufiane Guerrab will be presenting as Youssef Guedira in the show.

What can you expect from Lupin part 2?

Well, this will be the continuation of season 1. There will be much more twists and turns to unfold the mystery of season 1. In the trailer, we saw Assane is searching madly for his son while on the other hand, Hubert is waiting for Assane’s arrival. Then Youssef finally confronts Assane and tried his best to figure out information about his secret identity. Well, Claire on the other hand will be unfolding truths about her boyfriend. The show is ready to get even more suspicious. We will finally dig deep into Assane’s life.