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Will Queen Elizabeth Relinquish Her Throne On Her 95th Birthday? Read To Find Out

I hope you are all aware of the sad demise of Prince Philip on 9th April 2021. Well, all our prayers and condolence goes out with the Royal Family. Amongst all chaos, it is of great concern to the general public to know who will now be in the Queen position now. Through this article, I will throw some light on this ground. Read to know who will be the Queen’s Heir to the throne.

Will Queen Elizabeth step down from her position? Well, after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh the main question lies in whether she would continue to serve in her position. I think we all will agree that the couple led to a record-breaking reign in the world. As per the royal watchers, it is unlikely that the Queen will step down from her throne.

94-year-old Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip died at the age of 99. I must say, he is to date the longest-serving consort in British history. You don’t agree? He served for seven long decades.


Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth tied the knot in 1947. The couple has been together for all these years. Prince never left the side of his wife throughout her 69-year reign. In fact, he was even with her when her father passed away.

It was in fact, Philip who broke the news to the Queen about her father’s death. George VI was the father of the Queen. The couple was in Kenya when George VI breathed his last. Following the father’s death, Queen Elizabeth took on the throne as the Queen when she was only 25 years old.

The Queen to step down from duties in 2021, royal expert claims

Undoubtedly I think we all can understand the role that Philip plays in the life of the Queen. He has been his constant support, and it is obvious that his death has left a void in the life of the Queen. Irrespective of the loss, the royal experts are very sure that the world’s oldest and longest-reigning living monarch is in no mood to give up her throne to her son Prince Charles.

If I have to be specific about this information, then let me clear out the air that it is none other than Hugo Vickers who is a royal historian, who has cleared out the room of confusion about this doubt. Hugo is very confident that the Queen will not abdicate the throne any sooner in the future. Although 94-years old, the Queen maintains sound health, and hopefully she is continuing to rule for the longest time possible.

Elizabeth has been continuing her duties amidst the global pandemic crisis, even when her beloved husband Prince Philip was hospitalized for four long weeks earlier this year. She has been a very dutiful queen and has the same zeal and enthusiasm even at this age. I think that’s why it is rightly said that age is just a number.

The royal watchers are of the opinion that maybe due to the circumstances under which she was declared the queen, it is unlikely that the queen will relinquish her throne. Do you know how she became the queen? Let me brief you on the story of her journey as the queen.


Elizabeth was born to George VI in 1926. And back then it was never expected that she would ever take the throne and become the monarch. But things took a different turn when her uncle Edward VIII fell in love with an American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

The relationship deemed as an unacceptable union by the British establishment. Are you surprised? Well, so was I. Anyway, the relationship was unacceptable on the grounds of promoting a constitutional crisis. What do you think? Was it fair enough? Anyways, fair or not, the throne went on to Elizabeth’s father George VI. She was only 10 years old when the incident happened.

Elizabeth on her 21st birthday in 1947 pledged to stay dedicated to the assigned job for her entire life. In fact, in another speech of hers when she was on a tour to South Africa, she promised once again that irrespective of the length of her life span, she is sure to devote her every breath to the service of the nation and the great imperial family that she belongs.

Unlike many other European monarchs such as King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Albert of Belgium, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands she is going to hold on to her position till her last breath. However, there is a chance that she might give more official duties to Charles who is 72 years old now, and other members of the Windsor family to lower her workload.

She is now taking lesser workloads on her. For instance, she has reduced the number of her patronages and even ended all her international tours. She has even passed her duties to other royals which she holds towards dozens of charities, academic institutions, and sporting bodies.

However, Robert Lacey who is another royal historian has once again very confidently said that Queen Elizabeth will be the queen till the last ounce of her life.

Do not forget to pray for the Royal Family and the departed soul of Prince Philip.