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Mortal Kombat First 7 minutes Released: Here Is Why Bi-Han After hanzo Hashashi

Mortal Kombat opening scenes are here!!!!

Yes, you guys heard it right the first 7 minutes of this super-awaited film are officially free!!

As we all know how popular is the film Movie Kombat for its action thrilling category and the wait is over this film is getting released this Friday on April 23 into the theaters and will also get its streaming on HBO max in the form of an OTT platform

We as Fans we always will be eager to know what would be the story trailer and teaser because of the thrill it gets into and the fights these film got every fan is thrilled to know what and how would this film end and what will be the plot and minor details like those.

If that’s so here’s the good news for fans everyone can watch the first seven minutes of this marvelous film Mortal Kombat on YouTube and you can even watch it on google by checking it on.

The director of this Mortal Kombat is Simon McQuoid and we all know who strong his action will be on the screen and the screenplay would be awesome as the fans expect.

But this video is age-restricted because of all the murder and blood scenes they included in the first seven minutes it’s all about Scorpion vs Sub-Zero.

And as we are fans we know that how the plot of this story works we all know the main character in this film is Hanzo Hasashi who is as we all know, known as the scorpion the people who are fans know that Scorpion and Sub-zero don’t have any good relationship as the films from past years are the proof that these two never get along.

As the part of playing in this film as Sub-zero who is Lin Kuei Warrior Bi Han and he purposely enters into Hanzo life and disturbs the peace he had and destroys the family, he had after that scorpion starts his lifetime warranty of being on bad terms with sub-Zero.

The clip shows the minimum fight of these two warriors and the fight with associates of sub-zero and the clip suddenly stops at the point when it was about to get interesting where the Scorpion tries to fight sub-Zero and they both throwing their hands in the air. Looks like the director got a very good idea to keep the fans awaited till April 23rd and it looks like he made it clear to control the suspense and wait till it’s release and release your suspense in film theaters.

Here’s the link for the seven-minute video.

Looks like the director got his best way to get into the minds and hearts of the fans of Mortal Kombat. It is good for promotions and it’s the best and smart way as he released it online and they didn’t need to do any events in this pandemic. It’s the best way to make a trend out of it. Cool of this idea whoever came up with it. Mortal Kombat crew already got popular for its idea let’s see what will the reviews of the Film will be.

You guys need to watch this film on 23rd and do not forget to take safety measures with a mask on and sanitizer in your pocket. Best of luck.