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George R. R. Martin’s The Winds Of Winter Novel: What is all the hype about?

The Winds Of Winter

This “The Winds of Winter ” is the second-best novel in the fantasy genre and it’s been a while since the release of Game of Thrones last season and not gonna lie the season finale was a nightmare for the fans of GOT.

Game of Thrones had laws of the boundaries which they didn’t get over with and cause of that, the finale was below average.

After the disappointment, every fan of GOT got the author of GOT who is George RR Martin was rescheduled for the comeback to this disappointing finale. He wanted his fans not to regret what they’ve been watching with all their love and energy to be a disappointment at the end so he started writing “The Winds Of Winter” novel for a long time now and he is also legally waiting to get the release job done by this Novel.

After the finale fans were disturbed and they were asking what happened in the after series and the end was inconceivable and they need to see more they said 8 seasons are the least this Game of Thrones could get because the story would go on even after the finale In novels.

The Wind of Winter will technically be the sixth epic part in this category of Fantasy based Novels. George also stated that many aspects will get revealed in this novel and fans have many surprises according to the show and also the readers of the Novel.

A song of ice and fire was the episode and chapter where fans had many of their questions from. George revealed that the answers will all lie in this novel of the wind of winter and it’s getting ready to bring more surprises to their beloved audiences.

From the sources, George was interviewed and he phrased that he is taking his sweet little time to complete his novel, and he also mentioned that this the plot and the storyline in this Novel will take very long and they will have the opportunity to work on the minimal amount of time to get to know the truth and differences about the plot.

And the installment of this Novel will be very long and interesting which contains hundreds of hundreds worth of stories that will be nothing more than awe to the readers and he also mentioned that they will be thinking about the series too after the release of the book and the basis of response and feedback they get they’ll reveal whether to release the series or not.

But most of the sources stated that it would be a series too as the GOT disappointing wasn’t enough.

And to cover the page of the Novel the Artifact horn of winter which helped the white walker will be seen according to George and the white walkers passing the great wall will be the other page of the novel as it was told back in 2018 it’s been a long time since then and the pandemic made the time slow to get it completed and it helped author George to complete the book as soon as possible.

About the release date, the publishers said there isn’t any perfect date or they didn’t even decide it as soon as the elements of editing and re-editing get completed they will release a date which mostly is to be held in 2021.

GOT fans finally got the good knows. Let’s know what you think about it in the comments.