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Hirokazu Hanai’s Best Directing Work “Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagataoro ” Is Back With Episode 3: All You Need To Know

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro.

This anime “Don’t toy with me miss Nagatoro” is back with its 3 episodes and the release date has also been released and the fans are waiting for it to get aired.

This series was Animated by Telecom Animation Film (TAF) which got premiered on April 11th, 2021 on this last Sunday. And it got many views right after the release people were curious and we’re discussing how this show will move on with their POV and plots.

The director of this series is Hirokazu Hanai and he worked on these off scripts with the same story and was edited and supervised by Taku Kishimoto and this series has some cute characters which are designed by the best Misaki Suzuki.

And it only got aired on Crunchyroll and there are no other sites to watch this series because it got directly aired on Crunchyroll and the fans who have a subscription to Crunchyroll had already watched the two episodes and they are waiting for the 3rd episode.

This 3rd episode will be released this Sunday, April 5th, 2021. And it will get aired on Crunchyroll itself. And for the people who need to watch with subtitles, they should also have to subscribe to Crunchyroll.

This series also gets aired on the local channels in Japan it usually gets air at the time of 1 AM early morning and it will be aired on Crunchyroll right after a few minutes while they prepare for the subtitles and then release the episode.

And it doesn’t have any other streaming centers because it only got the Crunchyroll as per the weeks who loves to watch anime and makes videos of the reviews many of the best reviewers have given the outcome of this series being a disaster and it’s all good when the fans are looking forward to watching all the episodes.

This series contains a whole of 12episodes and they will be getting aired weekly once on Sundays as we can see the pact of timing when the first 3 episodes were released. It will also get released in UK US and other countries. With both of the dubbed and subbed qualities. And the time just resembles being near to each other but the release time would differentiate.

Here’s the preview of episode 3

But this series of workers made the time to be in many varies depending on the equatorial time. They are many different types which are PT, ET, GMT, BST, CEST, AEDT.

As when people asked about the English dub no one uttered any word and there are hopes that the English Dub will get released but as we can see no one is talking about English dubs. There’s a doubt that there wouldn’t be any English dub all have 50-50 chances and people are curious and this series is only available in Crunchyroll but the other streams like Funimation didn’t get to stream this series.

Let’s hope to have an English dub too. and those who have a free e subscription to Crunchyroll for 7 days will have to see spoilers, not the yet whole episodes because this week’s delay is still on in Crunchyroll.

Let’s know what you think about the two previous episodes.