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Crunchyroll is back with the next episode 3 of most loved series on the website “86 Eighty Six”

86 Eighty-Six: Episode 3, All updates.

This generation is far more so addicted and attracted to Anime series now. Because of the great attraction towards Anime. Websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation are getting evolved so easily.

To that, the top genre “86 Eighty-six is releasing its new Episode 3 soon. This series was extracted from the source of Light Novel which was categorized under the genre of Military action with sci-fi too. This series got premiered in Spring 2021 with a Shirabi illustration.

As per the sources, the series will have whole 11 episodes and it’s currently airing it started airing its first episode on April 11, 2021. And there has been the release of 2 episodes till now and the release of 3rd episode is also announced by the sources.

The producers of the series are Aniplex, Kadokawa, and Bandai spirits and it is presented by A1 studious. And it’s always been getting aired on Sundays at a particular given time by the sources. And now fans are curious when will the release of 3rd episode will happen.

As the sources revealed the date the wait is over the 3rd episode of this ” 86 Eighty-Six ” series is getting aired on Crunchyroll there are slight chances that this episode will be aired on April 24th Saturday or April 25th Sunday which will be depending on the international time.

Crunchyroll will be the site where fans should eagerly awaiting for the 3rd episode and it will be released on Crunchyroll at 9:30 AM PDT on April 24th which will be this Saturday.

But this episode will be airing in international timing which includes CT, ET, PDT, BT, PT and there are expectations that most of the sites will have their episodes aired on Saturday itself and the time will get slightly changed. which would be like the following

  • 11:30 AM CDT, Central time on Saturday
  • 12:30 PM EDT, Eastern Time on Saturday
  • 5:30 PM BST, British time on Saturday itself
  • 6:30 PM CEST, European Time on Saturday

And on Sunday, April 25th there are three Times when will the episode will get aired, would be these following practical time

  •  12:30 AM PHT, Philippine time on Sunday
  • 1:30 AM KST,  Korean Time on Sunday
  • 2 AM ACST, Australian time on Sunday

These are the times and dates which are Saturday 24th April and Sunday 25th April they will be getting aired in different Equatorial times in different continents which will be premiering on Crunchyroll itself.

There are no other online streams for this series only Crunchyroll have the access to airing these episodes.

These are the sources that were described and taken responsibility for the release by Crunchyroll as they said but there would be mere changes in times and the possibilities to a slight change and they will be released the following week by the same time. This is just the possibility of any problem comes up. Anyway, they’re trying to air Episode 3 on Saturday and Sunday 24th&25th of this April and are currently working on it.

This is the best debut series in anime in the category of Military action and this series is all about telling the stories of “unnamed Drones” on the battlefield which are futuristic to itself and the cast are marvelously keeping up with the pace of their behind the voice.

So far this idea of the military action genre looks like working fans are officially making some tweets on this. here’s a tweet made by a fan

And this is the preview of episode 3.  check it out, lets me know what you think about this series. Let me know in the comments and,

“weebs are anyway welcome to discuss your opinions in the comment section so grab on!!”