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Tribes of Europa Season 2 Announced?: Read To Know The Release Date, Cast, Storyline

This time I am bringing information to my lovely readers about a sci-fi series. Yes, so all Sci-fi lovers read this article in full length!

The most fascinating thing about Netflix is that you have wonderful series from across the globe. Don’t you agree? It is now a storehouse of world popular series. So once again I am back with another new series that is available on Netflix.

In this article, I will be talking to you about a German Sci-fi series. Yes, you have heard me right. The name of the series is Tribes of Europa. Sounds interesting?  Read this article in full-length to know the details of the series.

Tribes of Europa, Release date:

Tribes of Europa was released on Netflix on February 19, 2021. The series is directed by the very talented director – Phillip Koch. The series has received a huge fan base within a very short span of time because of its captivating storyline.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you surely have a glance. And mark my words – you will surely fall in love with it. The series is so hugely successful that now fans are demanding a sequel of the series. The fans are in fact, expecting the release of season 2 by the spring of 2021.

Will there be a sequel of Tribes of Europa?

Well, the renewal of the sequel of the highly successful series – Tribes of Europa is yet to have an official declaration. However, as per some sources, Tribes of Europa might return with season 2 in 2022. I hope you already know that Netflix generally announces the renewal of a sequel just a few months post the end of the previous season. It announces after analyzing the viewership figures, popularity, and success.

And since the popularity of Tribes of Europa has already started reaching great heights, so it is generally expected that Netflix might renew it for the next season. The first season was showered with positive responses from both – fans and critics.

Tribes Of Europa' Season 2: Will The Series Be Renewed For A Second Season?

The storyline of Tribes of Europa

The series is built in the era of 2074. The storyline goes this way – Europe fractures into dystopian tribal microstates involved in clashes against each other. All the states are fighting for dominance over other states. The entire depressing situation is caused due to the global catastrophe.

In the depressing scenario arrives three siblings who are strongly determined to change the condition of Europe. The main story begins when the siblings got caught in the conflict in the process of coming into possession of a mysterious cube.

Tribes of Europa' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

What will be telecasted in Season 2?

The first season comes to a conclusion with Kiano killing his father. Not just that, you will also witness Elija who is the youngest sibling losing the Atlantian cube that is used to open up a doorway.

If season 2 comes up, you are likely to see where the portal is. The three siblings in the series – Emilio Sakraya who plays the role of Kiano, Henriette Confurius who plays the role of Liv, and David Ali Rashed who plays the role of Elja will return to play their roles. That means the characters are going to remain unchanged.

However, you need to wait till you get an official confirmation on Tribes of Europa Season 2.