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When Is ITV Premiering The Long Waited TV Mini-Series Viewpoint. Read On To Know


Viewpoint is based on a concept devised by Emmy Award-winning director Harry Bradbeer and co-produced and composed by Edgar Award-winning composer Ed Whitmore.

It stars Noel Clarke as a top player in a drama that taps into the neurotic underbelly of Rear Window and The Lives Of Others. Viewpoint is a modern, character-driven mystery with a seductively private vibe. At the end of the day, resolving wrongdoing is as much about companionship, loyalty, and the surrounding area as it is about the wrongdoing itself. Investigating the tensions that exist between our public and private lives, as well as the mysteries and repulsions that emerge when we think no one is looking.

“Harry and Ed have produced a compelling, tense, claustrophobic thrill ride that turns the spotlight on the eyewitness rather than the noticed,” said Lucy Bedford, Head of Drama at Tiger Aspect Productions and Executive Producer.

Following the first Covid lockdown, Viewpoint was ITV’s first drama to resume production the previous summer.


DC is the starting point for the structure. Martin Young erecting an observation post in a Manchester flat shared by Zoe Sterling, a single mother whose first-floor windows provide a direct view into the home of a missing woman, Gemma, and her boyfriend Greg, a possible suspect.

The scenes were shot on a Manchester Georgian lane. During the year 2020, it was filmed in the downtown area as well as other parts of the northwest. The houses had large, high windows, which made it an ideal reconnaissance location. Ashley Way, on the other hand, had envisioned a very unusual environment for the restricted time lane. 

The anecdotal Westbury Square, which was determined to St John Street in the downtown area, just off Deansgate, which is known for its Georgian apartments, is at the center of the action.

As the action unfolds, pay particular attention to the Northern Quarter, Manchester Town Hall, Lloyd Street, and Central Street.

Ashley Way, the director of Viewpoint, said he felt it was particularly important to display parts of Manchester in the drama that people may not have seen before. 

Cast of Viewpoint

Noel Clarke (Impenetrable, Doctor Who, and Kidulthood) stars as DC Martin King, the official at the center of the investigation, in Viewpoint.

Alexandra Roach of Black Mirror and No Offense fame as a single parent and voyeur Zoe Sterling, whose home is being used for the operation, will accompany him.

Amy Wren (The Last Kingdom) takes on the role of missing teacher Gemma Hillman.

Greg Sullivan, Gemma’s boyfriend and the key figure in question is played by Fehinti Balogun from The Informer and I Can Destroy You.

Spot of streaming 

On Monday, April 26th, 2021, Viewpoint will premiere on ITV.

ITV Hub will not be able to screen all of the Viewpoint’s scenes.

Considering everything, both scenes will air first on ITV. Fans can still watch any scenes that were missed on the main channel via ITV Hub after they’ve aired on the main channel.

Nonetheless, Viewpoint will not be watched in a gorge agreeable pack.

Following the premiere of scene 1 on Monday, April 26th, new episodes of Viewpoint will air on ITV every day at 9 pm.

Viewpoint will air on consecutive days until the scene 5 finale airs at 9 p.m. on Friday, April 30th on ITV.