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Zhongli Rerun Banner confirmation and release date, All you need to know

Genshin Impact: Zhongli Rerun Banner.

All eyes here!! Gamers have the biggest surprise News the most awaited Genshin Impact Zhongli Rerun Banner is confirmed and the release date also got announced. As we all know Genshin has the biggest word around in the video games it’s very popular for its category in these current video games landscapes.

And the best part is the 4 stars characters in the banner of Zhongli Rerun Genshin Impact with the new updates initially inputted two heroines in this update 1.5 and they also confirmed it by their respective resources and the names of them are also revealed as ‘Eula and Yanfei’. And we also know that there is a returning hero too. But here’s the demo of these two beauties who are included in this game.

And the new update 1.5 will be getting a release soon. As per the resources, they revealed the release will be on April 28th, 2021.

As we can see this update 1.5 got their positioned before Eula and update 1.5 will be the launch and we can see the position of the Zhongli rerun banner is before Eula.

Eula was leaked back in March and fans were nuts over this character and the involvement will be alluring and fans are most awaited to watch her on the screens.

As the gamers are all very curious the characters of these game are:

They include Yanfei who will be the bee heroine and she is stated as the main character in this game and the other characters are Diona and Noelle who will have hang-out events too in this game apart from the appeal in the Zhongli rerun banner. Eula is also the part who had a peek character in the back march.

However, people are very curious and they’re waiting for the release of the launch of update 1.5 and there are problems with the devices if they don’t have Yanfei because the gadget they would be using wouldn’t have the allowance policy they will get the character in the version update of 1.6.

According to miHoYo said the Yanfei wouldn’t be an option for some people with fewer technicalities. But the new PS5 version they are launching with new 4k textures and they will be having some enhanced support to launch but this update will only be in the favor of those who have the new Sony Console of the next generation. Anyway, they also stated that they will be providing by watching the feedback with another version 1.6

And the fans already made their events as there is a new launch update and they are very excited about the events and many are tweeting about the events and having fun. They are waiting for the release date which would be on April 28th, 2021 this Wednesday. Hope the gamers will enjoy their time.

Here are some tweets made by the fans and they keep up the pace of having events according to the new launch.

And they keeping up the curiosity by awaiting. Let’s hope it will be released on the same date as resources revealed till then have a good day and good luck with the game.