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A 23 year old Dana Hasson’s TikTok Account Features Recipes That’ll Totally Up Your Dessert Game


ByteDance, a Chinese company, owns TikTok, which is a video-sharing social media platform. The social media site is used to create a variety of short-form videos, ranging in length from 15 seconds to one minute, in categories such as dance, satire, and instruction (three minutes for certain clients). TikTok is a global version of Douyin that was first launched in the Chinese market in September 2016.

TikTok has provided a forum for users to create content for no particular purpose as well as for monetary gain. Since the technology has evolved significantly in recent years, it now allows businesses to use influencer marketing to support and reach their target market more quickly. The platform’s AI calculation boosts influencer marketing potential by selecting content based on the client’s preferences. The supported substance isn’t as prevalent on the site as it is on other social media sites, but brand influencers can make as much as they can on other platforms, if not more. “Image machines” are influencers on the web that generate revenue through actions such as likes and comments. 

The New York Times reported in 2021 that viral TikTok videos by teenagers describing the enthusiastic impact of books on them, dubbed “BookTok,” effectively propelled writing deals. Distributors were increasingly using the site as a platform for influencer marketing.

Dana Hasson

Dana Hasson is a 23-year-old woman who is born in Israel. She has studied fashion at a university named Johnson & Wales University which is in Rhode Island. She is a TikTok creator who has become famous through her videos on fashion, beauty, and mostly on food. 

In the beginning, it was Hasson’s brother because of whom she got to know more about TikTok. After that, even her mother encouraged her to use TikTok as she believed that Hasson could explore more on the app. This motivation made her download TikTok. She created videos related to beauty like makeup tutorials, fashion, and style. She also made videos on cooking recipes. Cooking is her passion and she is a foodie person. This also made her create more videos related to cooking and also try different new recipes. In the year 2019, in October she made a video on the recipe of Mac and cheese which was the first video that went viral overnight and reached 1 million views.

Hasson went “viral” the first week she began posting TikToks, similar to her own expectations. She was sold on the idea that TikTok could be a constructive choice for her after a video she posted on July 28, 2019, about lip gleam received nearly 7,000 views. She said that the increasing views on her video gave her confidence and also a lot of energy to keep going with her work and also help figure out the things that she could do. Hasson had 50,000 views on a video of her doing her hair by August 2019. Her videos quickly gained a wide range of viewpoints after that. Hasson has over 2 million TikTok followers and 114,000 Instagram followers as of April 2021. Although her documents progressed quickly, it was not without planning.