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Naomi Osaka a professional tennis player, launching her skincare line named KINLÒ

Naomi Osaka

On October 16, 1997, Naomi Osaka, professional tennis player from Japan, was born. 
Osaka is the only Asian player to achieve the highest level in singles, according to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). She is the reigning US Open and Australian Open champion and has won four Grand Slam singles titles.
She has won seven titles on the WTA Tour, including two at the Premier Mandatory level. 
At the 2018 US Open and the 2019 Australian Open, Osaka became the first player since Jennifer Capriati in 2001 to win her first two Grand Slam singles titles in consecutive Grand Slam tournaments. 
She was also the first woman to win consecutive Grand Slam singles titles since Serena Williams in 2015.
Since the age of three, Osaka, who was born in Japan to Haitian father and Japanese mother, has lived and worked in the United States. 
She crushed former US Open champion Samantha Stosur in her WTA Tour debut at the 2014 Stanford Classic when she was 16 years old.

Osaka is the main character in a manga series published by Kodansha and published in Nakayoshi, a major Japanese shojo magazine. Futago Kamikita is the artist behind the series, which was created with the help of Osaka’s sister Mari. The main version was published in the magazine’s February 2021 issue, which was delivered in December 2020. Osaka is dating Cordae, an American rapper.


Naomi chose to dispatch another brand of skincare items named KINLÒ which is uncommonly for individuals with melanated skin. She says that she had never considered accomplishing something like this yet she is dispatching it.

After being named a brand representative for Louis Vuitton and being photographed by the extravagance brand’s Artistic Director of Women’s Collections, Nicolas Ghesquière, for their 2021 spring assortment crusade, the star of the 23-year-old game has revealed her skincare brand.

“Besides tennis, my most beloved enthusiasm is fashion, and there is no brand more popular than Louis Vuitton,” she said in a proclamation. Working with Nicolas is a true honor; he’s a designer I greatly admire, and we share a passion for Japanese culture and style. For me, being a global brand ambassador is like a little slice of heaven.”

Naomi was very unaware of skincare when she was younger. She never paid attention to her skincare so much. But as of now, she has recently started using some of the sunscreens so as to protect her skin. As she is a sports person, it is important to save her skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The formulas that are used in the products are created with the help of a dermatologist named Dr. Naana Boakye. It is made in such a way that it will be able to be there protecting the skin for at least a round of playing tennis. Her KINLÒ brand will also include lip balm, body wash, eye cream, as well as an SPF 50 Tinted Face Lotion and sunscreen.

She also says that it is a matter of the health of people with melanated skin. The products are meant to save the lives of people as according to the CDC data, there are about thirty-three percent of Black American people died due to the cause of melanoma.