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Zombie Land Saga Season 2 Episode 4: Release Date Of The Anime Confimred?

Zombie Land Saga

MAPPA, Avex Pictures, and Cygames collaborated on Zombie Land Saga, an anime TV series. Between October and December 2018, the agreement was widely circulated in Japan. On April 8, 2021, a new season called Zombie Land Saga Revenge premiered. In October 2018, Cygames’ Cycomi platform began serializing a manga adaptation that loosely parallels the events of the anime.


Sakura Minamoto, a high school understudy, was killed by a truck on the morning she planned to present an icon application in 2008. Sakura, along with six “incredible” girls from different periods of Japan’s history, is brought back as a zombie by a man named Kotaro Tatsumi, who tries to revive Saga Prefecture by forming Franchouchou, an all-zombie icon group.

Season 2 Overview 

Season 2 of the Zombie Land Saga anime, also known as Zombie Land Saga Revenge, is the second season of the Zombie Land Saga anime, with a total of 12 scenes. On April 8, 2021, it premiered.

A group of awesome girls has come together from various eras to become zombie icons in order to save Saga Prefecture. The release of this well-known zombie symbol anime. Sakura Minamoto dies in a shocking accident at some stage. Sakura reappears after ten years in an unusual manner, where creator Kotaro Tatsumi explains that she will join a group of incredible girls to form a symbol bunch. The seven women were assigned the task that would save Saga prefecture as Franchouchou, and after overcoming the challenges carried on by just being of varying generations and periods throughout history, their undead zombie bodies permitted them to defy all of the limitations about what a symbol should be. They held their first show at the Karatsu Arpino during the last winter of the Heisei era, taking another step toward becoming legends. The blind ascents to another section of Franchouchou’s collection of experiences as they drive toward a bright, trust-filled future in the cutting-edge Reiwa era.

Release date

The fourth chapter of the animated series Zombie Land Saga season 2 is set to air on Crunchyroll on either Thursday, April 29th or Friday, April 30th, depending on the global audience or viewers. Zombie Land Saga season 2 scene 4 will air at 8:30 a.m. PDT on Thursday, April 29th, at the time of writing.


Scene 3 depicts Ai inspecting the exhibits of her old group, Iron Frill, to see if Franchouchou will be able to reliably communicate with their standard. Kotaro informs the children that the first event has been scheduled at Saga’s new arena. During the case, the ladies learn that Iron Frill will be the main attraction.

Kotaro does not want to expose Ai’s character to her previous band, so she assigns Junko to perform solo at a future exhibition. The two girls are in disarray and fear of falling short in front of an audience once more. When the Iron Frill’s head hits Ai, the scene comes to an end. She recognized AI as a resemblance to her deceased leader and suspected she would want Ai to join their gathering. Scene 4 may allow the girls to continue working until the big day arrives. Junko may have the answers to her questions. Iron Frill’s proposal could have a chance with simulated intelligence.