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Know Why Mila Kunis Denied Her Husband, Ashton Kutcher From Investing in Uber and Bitcoin

I hope you have heard the name of Ashton Kutcher. In addition to his acting and modeling career, he is a renowned persona with regards to identifying companies that have the potential to excel. How many of you hold this talent?

Do you know the popular American actress, Mila Kunis? Well, she is also the wife of Ashton. It seems like Mila is not as skilled as his husband when it comes down to identifying future potential companies.

How do I know? Well, the actress revealed it by herself when she visited a show entitled  The Late Show. Yes, the Bad Moms star visited the show on the 29th of April, i.e. on Thursday. The host of the show is Stephen Colbert. Mid of their conversation Colbert happened to praise her husband, Ashton for his acumen as a venture capitalist.

Mila Kunis Told Ashton Not to Invest in Uber or Bitcoin Years Ago - E! Online - CA

Do you know that Ashton has also backed influential companies such as Airbnb and Skype? The man has really got some talents. To continue to the early conversation, well, when Colbert asked Mila about her involvement in the decision-making process, she admitted very honestly how she doesn’t have the most splendid track record in this case.

Mila started dating Ashton back in 2012 and tied their knots in July 2015. Appreciating her husband as an excellent venture capitalist, she also shared with Colbert about the smartness of her husband. From her words, you can easily interpret that Ashton is a smart man who involves his wife in everything that he does and keeps her updated but simultaneously he is also well aware of the fact that it is not necessary to listen to his wife all the time.

But Mila doesn’t stay numb when it comes to investing. In her conversation with Colbert, she did explain how she offers her opinion on investing in consumer goods but stays at bay when it comes to her husband’s venture-capital decisions. The consumer goods that the actress mostly involves herself include – kinds of stuff related to moms and families.

During her appreciation speech which she shared with Colbert on his show, she did narrate some sweet past moments from their life. When the couple started dating Mila would mostly find herself trapped in conversations where Ashton would share the kinds of companies available for investing.

Ashton would mostly approach companies related to rideshare, cab companies. In fact, once he came up with a cab company where anyone could easily drive the cab. And Mila thought it to be the worst concept for a cab company.

In one of the instances, Ashton once asked Mila to try Uber which was then a new concept to the country and was in full operation. Mila reacted in a panicked manner and was furious at Ashton for even imagining placing his girlfriend with a stranger inside a cab.

Reminiscing her past in this direction, Mila also shared another incident on the show. In the second incident, Ashton tried his best to explain to her about companies like cryptocurrency and an eight-year-old company called Bitcoin which is mining for money.

Hearing about the aforementioned companies, Mila felt it would be a bad idea to invest in the companies. Why? Well, because the Black Swan performer was concerned about cryptocurrency not being FDIC-insured. Responding to her concern, her husband did try his best to explain to her that not being FDIC-insured is the whole point of making it a high potential company for the future run.

Hearing the conversation, what do you think the final answer of the actress was. A straight – NO. She was not at all in favor of investing in that company. Do you think Ashton obeyed by his wife’s words? Obviously not. He went on to invest in the company anyway. So most of the incidents are of similar nature between the sweet couple.

Ashton is an early investor in Uber and cryptocurrency. So, undoubtedly he is listening to some right people, be it not his wife always.