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Noel Clarke’s ‘Bulletproof’ Co-Star Ashley Walters Tweets and Speaks Out on Misconduct Allegations

Noel Clarke

Noel Anthony Clarke, an English actor, screenwriter, producer, and comic book essayist, was born on December 6, 1975. Clarke rose to prominence for his role as Mickey Smith in Doctor Who from 2005 to 2010. He is also known for his roles as Sam in the films Kidulthood in the year 2006, Adulthood in 2008, and Brotherhood in 2016, which he also wrote and directed. He is also known for his role as Aaron Bishop in Bulletproof, which he wrote and directed from the year 2018 to the present.

Accused of harassment

The Guardian had addressed 20 ladies on April 29, 2021, each of whom knew Clarke in a professional capacity. Between 2004 and 2019, they accuse him of sexual harassment, unwanted touching or groping, sexually inappropriate behavior and remarks on set, professional wrongdoing, taking and sharing sexually explicit pictures and recordings without consent, and tormenting.

The ladies have accused Clarke of obnoxious attack, tormenting, and sexual harassment, according to The Guardian. One of the allegations is that he secretly recorded a bare tryout by entertainer Jahannah James and showed it to a maker who worked for him. A similar creator accuses him of exposing his penis to her in the back of a limousine and groping her the next day in a lift.

Jing Lusi, an actor who appeared alongside Clarke in the film SAS: Red Notice, claims that he sexually propositioned and harmed her. Several women say that Clarke forced them to have sexual encounters while nude and became enraged if they refused. In sight of the allegations, BAFTA announced that his involvement and his Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award will be suspended. Clarke has vehemently denied the accusations. 

Ashley Walters

Ashley Walters, born 30 June 1982, likewise known by his stage name Asher D, is an English rapper, musician and actor most popular for his star job as Ricky in Bullet Boy in 2004, his lead part as Dushane in Top Boy, and his job as Antoine in Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 2005. He’s also appeared in well-known British television shows such as Grange Hill, The Bill, Holby City, Doctor Who, Silent Witness, and the 2015 BBC police drama Cuffs.


English actor Noel Clarke’s “Bulletproof” co-star Ashley Walters has stood up after touchy sexual offense and harassment charges against his long-lasting companion and partner. 

“My thoughts are with those who have contacted and told me their terrible tales. In a variety of ways, what I’ve heard has left me speechless and deeply disheartened “In a tweet posted on his Twitter account on Friday evening, Walters, also known as Asher D, said. He is truly baffled and discouraged by thought about Clarke, as they shared the screen together and furthermore were old buddies. 

Asher additionally supported the ones who have been sexually mishandled as says that there ought to be a bad situation for a, particularly improper demonstration. Additionally, he said in his tweet that there ought to be a space for the ladies to voice out their issues and harassment they have been confronting. 

But for one assertion, Clarke has dismissed all of the allegations made by the 20 women through his lawyers. He has admitted to making unseemly comments around one lady and then apologizing.