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86-Eighty Six Is back with it’s Next episode 4 which will be premiering on Crunchyroll

86- Eighty-Six: Episode 4.

As we all know for the weebs, this spring season made the biggest impact on this site Crunchyroll when they started releasing many new bunches of anime series. “86- Eighty-Six is one of the famous series ” which is getting ready to release its 4episode. And this series is based on a science fiction light novel. And it got licensed in North America, by yen press. And the novel was imprinted by  Dengeki Bunko which was printed in February 2017 itself after that it was to be done in web series and it’s the first to be in the genre of military fiction in animation.

This novel has 9 lists of volumes and this series is illustrated by shirabii and it was written by Asato Asato and the volume was on the run by the imprints done by Dengeki Bunko. And which was released on February 10, 2017. And is present still running. Which is based on a light novel. As per the manga series, this is based on 2volumes in manga and which were presented on October 10, 2018, and it’s still running.

As for the television series it was directed by Toshimasa Ishi and written by Toshiyo Ono and was produced by A-1 pictures studio and was released on April 11, 2021, and it’s still running till the present now. And there are 3 episodes till now. The source now is releasing the 4th episode. The episode will be releasing on May 1st or May 2nd to and this may vary because of the time zones overall world.

This series summary is all about the battlefield struggles to find the unnamed drones and facing the new challenges as weebs are so head over heels to this best series and are waiting for episode 4. And they were wondering at which time this episode will air on Crunchyroll.

The release time will be based on the locational timings and it was officially announced to get a release on 9:30 AM PDT on May 1st Saturday.

According to the other location different time zones, it is shown as,

  • On Saturday, May 1st, 11:30 AM CDT (Central time)
  • On Saturday, May 1st, 12:30 PM EDT (Eastern time)
  • On Saturday, May 1st, 5:30 PM BST.           ( British time)
  • On Saturday, May 1st, 6:30 PM CEST (European time)
  • On Sunday, May 2nd, 12:30 AM PHT (Philippine time)
  • On Sunday, May 2nd, 1:30 AM KST (Korean time )
  • On Sunday, May 2nd, 2 AM ACST (Australian Time)

But these times may differ because of the technical stuff and aspects which will be having trouble if not the episode will get released on Crunchyroll itself.

As fans are very much excited for 4th episode. They were tweeting their favorite scenes here are some:

The fans were talking and discussing the last episode and how it was.

And here another fan is talking about how interesting this series is check it out. And give feedback and comment about what you think about this series and keep the wait alive for the 4th Episode.

Here’s the preview of the 4th Episode.

And check it out and If you didn’t watch this series get a monthly subscription on Crunchyroll and watch all the spring season animes on a roll. Happy watching you guys.