Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan (Season 8) - Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME - Photo ID: DEXTER_S8_StandardVertical_Template_A_4C
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Dexter Actor Jennifer Carpenter Said “What A Psyco!” Exclaiming To The Spine-Chilling Season 9 Teaser

Dexter Season 9 is finally here. Earlier people were really excited for the show. But surprisingly the new teaser trailer of the upcoming season of Dexter has failed miserably. The audience is not satisfied and that might be a cause of worry for the production team. The trailer has shown some scenes which have affected human minds badly and some individuals have even got mentally disturbed.

Before Getting Into the Main Thing Let me give you an Overview of Dexter

The main lead character of Dexter, namely Dexter Morgan was earlier see to quelling over his urge of murdering people and he even wanted to start his life freshly. But sooner or later due to some difficult circumstances or something or the other, even after giving up his thought of killing people, he ended up murdering. Once again we see him going on killing people by why did that happen? Will, he ever give up murdering people? To know all of this we surely need to watch the upcoming ninth season.

Have You Watched The New Teaser Trailer Of Dexter Season 9?

The teaser trailer of the ninth season shows a glance at Dexter’s cabin. Then we saw the main hero of the show, Dexter’s reflection which was captured on a window along with someone else in the background as well. To make it even more suspense, you can also clearly hear Nina Simone’s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” playing in the whole video, and at the end, we saw Dexter turning and smiling at the camera.

‘Dexter’ Season 9: Audience Reaction

Fans of the show who have already sent the past eight episodes are highly excited for the ninth one. The show received immense comments from the audience. All in all, few are still in favor of the show. Some have even asked the officials to launch the release date of the show as soon as possible. Many have even assured that the smile which Morgan passes on the last scene of the teaser trailer is a fully proven fact that Dexter Morgan is all set to get some more blood in his hand.  We are expecting the season to get released by fall this year, 2021.

Jennifer Carpenter reaction over Dexter Season 9 teaser trailer

Jennifer Carpenter gave an outrageous reaction to the teaser trailer through her Instagram handle. She posted the teaser trailer on her account and captioned it saying that what a mind blow off session. She too claimed that Dexter might return to what he was in the beginning stage. All in all, just like the audience her mind is also blown away by the teaser of the show. To this Carpenter’s fan also commented and said that they want her to be back on the show. Though we haven’t really got much information on the cast of the new season yet. Coming to Carpenter, she was earlier in the show from its beginning time till the year 2013. She used to play the character of Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan. But we saw she was declared dead in the final season of 2013.