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Enjoy Your Weekend With “Love Around The World Marathon”: Read To Know The Details

Hello fellas! Once again I have come with a piece of exciting news which is sure to make your weekend cheerful. Today, i.e., 1st of May you can spend your weekend binge-watching movie marathons throughout the day. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Read this article in full length to know which movies will be available to you and where can you watch them.

The first question is where should you turn to enjoy this grand circle tour of the world? Well, turn on your Hallmark Channel. Yes, that’s exactly where you will get to watch it. During the Love Around the World marathon on May 1, do not forget to turn on your Hallmark Channel and enjoy your favorite shows with your family.

So, what exactly is the plan? The plan is very simple. I hope you can guess a little from the term “Marathon”. On May 1, the Hallmark channel will feature a total of eight movies which are set in eight countries. It is like marking a day for love and adventure.

Do you know the specialty of the Hallmark? It is known for the collection of its feel-good favorites. If you have keenly observed then you will realize that every story promises to take you on a trip that transports you to exciting new locations. And mark my words, you are sure to fall in love with it.

Keeping its identity intact, the Love Around the World marathon will teleport you to some adventurous destinations such as South Africa and Iceland. You will also get to enjoy the work of some of Hallmark’s most beloved actors.

Are you wondering what if you are not a Hallmarkie, is there something in store for you? Well, do not overthink. Irrespective of the frequency of your journey in watching the movies of Hallmark, this time the Love Around the World marathon will have movies for each and every one of you.

Schedule for Hallmark’s Love Around the World marathon

Do not tend to be too lazy on this special day if you are not willing to miss the fun. The marathon will start at 9 am and will continue till 1 am Sunday. Here I have marked down the entire list of the movies along with their schedules. All the movies marked are a few of Hallmark’s original movies.

ALERT: All the timings listed below are as per Eastern Times. Do not forget to check the local listing for the schedule in your area.

  • Love on Iceland at 9 am

Amazon.com: Love on Iceland: Kaitlin Doubleday, Colin Donnell, Preston Sadleir, Clare Niederpruem, Bui Baldvinsson, Arnar Knutsson: Movies & TV

  • Love on Safari at 11 am

Love on Safari Movie on Hallmark - The Thrill of Risk | Romance | Summer Nights

  • Mix Up in the Mediterranean, 1 pm

Jessica Lowndes talks Mix Up In The Mediterranean, music & food | The GATE

  • Winter in Vail at 3 pm

Review: The Hallmark movie "Winter In Vail" is fantastic in its own way | VailDaily.com

  • Pearl in Paradise at 5 pm

On Location - Pearl in Paradise

  • Summer Villa at 7 pm

Amazon.com: Summer Villa: Hilarie Burton, Victor Webster, Emorphia Margarities, Pat Kiely, Gaylyn Fraiche, Joe Iacono, Danny Rossner, Fernando Szew, Carrie Lee Wilson, Emi Mochizuki: Movies & TV

  • Love, Romance, and Chocolate at 9 pm

Love, Romance & Chocolate

  • Sun, Sand, and Romance at 11 pm


Do not be too lazy this weekend. You have an opportunity to transport to exotic locales. Why miss it?

Hallmark leaves an imprint on every viewer’s heart and soul with all the thrilling locations. Now, let me tell you some of the latest additions to the list of the hallmark channel movie. Hearts Down Under is one of the most recent additions. The movie has already gained attention from fans around the world. The movie revolves around Cindy Busby and Tim Ross’s charming love story set in Australia.

Download Hearts Down Under 2021 Hallmark 720p HDTV X264 Solar Torrent | 1337x

There is another that is worth mentioning in this direction. As Luck Would Have It is an Irish tale singing about love and laughter. This movie stars the talented JoAnna Garcia and Alan Leech. It was during Hallmark’s Spring Fling event that both the movies were premiered.

Where Was As Luck Would Have It Filmed? Hallmark Cast Details

The Hallmark Channel also takes extra care for the fans who are in the holidaying mood. Now, enjoy the holiday spirit with a tour around Vienna through a movie like Sarah Drew’s Christmas in Vienna.

Do not forget to enjoy your May 1 with the Love Around the World marathon.