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Netflix’S Best K-Drama Series “Vincenzo” Is Back With It’s Finale Episode 20: All You Need To Know!

Vincenzo: Episode 20.

The best k-Drama Dark Comedy series “Vincenzo” season 1 came to an end with its last episode which will be getting released this weekend. The best south Korean drama series is based on Dark comedy created by tvN and Studio Dragon and written and directed by Park Jae-Bum and Kim Hee-Won which was originated in South Korea in the Korean language itself. And it is furthermore in the language of Italian too.

And this best k-Drama series was released on February 20, 2021, and fans loved it too much that they started watching it on loop and keep up with the pace with the weekend releasing episodes of this series. And it is premiered on tvN for its first broadcast with the company of Logos production company. And this series also got the distributors of Netflix and tvN.

And there are a total of 20 episodes with one special episode included in this series and they kept releasing the episodes on weekly basis only on weekends and it came to the end with the 19& 20th episodes this weekend which will be 2nd of the May. Yes! You guys heard it right 20th episode of Vincenzo is going to premiere on Netflix on the 2nd of May this Sunday. It mostly got premiered on Sunday or Saturday depending on the equatorial timings over all the world at the time of 21:00 KST which is Korean standard Time.

And as Vincenzo Song Joong ki played the character. At the age of eight, Vincenzo was found in the streets wandering to the big shot mafia who is the boss of the Cassano family and he adopts Vincenzo and makes him the right hand to him and he keeps him to do all the mafia work, on the other hand, he also studies to become a lawyer and he becomes an Italian lawyer too as he stays the right hand after the age of boss, Vincenzo, and son of the boss try to do the big shot work which includes very dangerous technical stuff they get involved in. This is the synopsis and summary of the web series.

As per the resources, the last final episodes of season 1 will be releasing on May 2. And will be airing on tvN and Netflix and it will get premiered at 9:00 PM KST.

These two episodes 19 and 20 will be releasing and they would be the final episodes of season 1. And you guys can watch this series on Netflix and you can get the subscription of Netflix for Indian rupees 100 for one screen and you can enjoy watching all series.

As these episodes are premiering worldwide there are different times because of equatorial zones. This series is all about the new mafia family he created. Episode 19 will be releasing on this weekend at the usual time which is 3 PM GMT. And there is so much to expect from the new episodes as we can see that these will be the last episodes of the season. We have to watch there will be many twists and turns and we should hope that they would be able to get badass feedback and reviews.

Let’s hope this series will be good and keens up to fans’ expectations. Here’s the trailer of the 19th episode preview.

Comment your feedback below and any spoilers you might know. Because it is so exciting.