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Mortal Kombat Vs Demon Slayer Race At The Box Office And It’s Clear That Slayer Wins

Demon slayer knew as Akamatsu no Kaiba a Japanese anime series Its manga was written by Koyoharu gouge, The story follows a young boy Tanjiro Kamado, who wants to become a Demon slayer after his family gets brutally slaughtered by a Demon and his sister becomes a demon herself her young sister Nezuko plays an important role in the series even after turning into a Demon his sister doesn’t lose humanity.

demon slayer gained popularity when it released a television series adaptation produced by ufotable Which aid in Japan from April to September 2019 it also got a dubbed  version in the funanimation demon slayer was literally called one of the biggest shonen of the 20th century after the successful Animesh series they released a sequel film called as Demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba the movie : Mungen Train which premiered in October 2020 and it also became the highest grossing anime film in Japan of all time this shows how crazily popular Demon slayer is meanwhile it is said that the second season will be premiered in the middle of 2021 the confirm date is not yet been released by the production house it is soon to be announced ,even the manga sold  50 million copies including the digital version making it one of the biggest selling mangas of all time after one piece demon slayer even received numerous awards for its tremendous action scenes and excellent animations it is said that the Demon slayer franchisee estimated to have generated the total sales of 2 .6 billion US dollars in japan it is also crushing the box office now since it is released worldwide it is giving a tough competition big Hollywood movies such as Mortal Kombat

where is mortal combat is a game franchise it has so many reboots and all the reboots combined wasn’t as successful as this one, mortal Kombat was a fan’s movie even though this film was better than the previous franchises it still received mixed reviews from the critics and have crossed a total of 66 million worldwide it is also on the HBO max streaming service it has a tremendously huge cast and it was directed by Simon McQuoid The plot follows very tournament is created where people from all kinds of realms come to fight to save their home? It has some of the most famous characters such as scorpion, subzero, and Sonya Blade. After losing the first week at the box office from mortal combat the Demon slayer has now overcome and surged ahead of Mortal Kombat in the US box office charts.

After losing the first week at the box office from mortal combat the Demon slayer has now overcome and surged ahead of Mortal Kombat in the US box office charts. The Demon slayer animal is expected to end with about US$6.4 million however in normal times these figures would have been disappointing but during a pandemic, it’s not a terrible result as it is noted that only 57% of the world’s theaters are functioning which puts these movies that only is at the time of the pandemic at a disadvantage, here’s a youtube video of the comparison between the two movies

Demon Slayer vs Mortal Kombat: Although when compared to the Japanese box office and worldwide box office the Demon slayer has become the highest-grossing film ever with $423 million globally While the mortal combat and martial art game inspired movie has grossed $34, million in two weeks and has a total worldwide box office of $66 million till now. Let’s know what you think about this article.