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Author Responds To Allegations Made For Meghan Markle’s New Children’s Book After Claims Of Similarities

The Royal family’s recent member Meghan Markle is again on news. Recently the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has written down a very interesting children’s book. But an author has claimed that the book is wholly copied from his content. Well, who is this author and is his claim really true? To know this answer stay tuned along with us.

The New Book Launched By Meghan Markle

This week has been a lot of fun for the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan has surprised her royal family by writing a children’s book. The book has been named, The Bench . The book is all set to get published by the Random House Children’s Books. The official launch date of the book has been announced. It will probably take place on 8 June 2021. You can pre-book the book The Bench by The Duchess of Sussex on Amazon. It has been priced as £12.99.

The Bench-It’s A Replica and It’s Totally Copied?

Soon after the announcement of the book aired on the news channels, it was suddenly getting compared with a book called The Boy on the Bench. This is also a children’s book penned down by the very famous children’s author Corrinne Averiss. This book’s story also revolves around the same concept of a father-son relationship.

However, the author Corinne decided to speak up about this whole matter. This Wednesday he said that the book has coincidentally happened to be the same. He thinks Meghan had no idea about his work and unfortunately they happen to collide. He also said that the content of both the books is different, the names too happen to seem the same but are very much different.

There are hardly any similarities between the book, the only thing is both revolve around the same story type that is a father and son relationship but that happens in many cases so it is not a big deal. The author Corrine had tweeted all of this and has also switched off his comment section for no further nuisance. But his tweet went viral and soon received hundreds of retweets too.

Meghan Markle’s Response On The Copied Book News

The news of release of the book written by Meghan was aired on Tuesday. The Duchess said it’s a book inspired by her family nowadays. She said that The Bench started on her mind when she wrote a poem for her husband on Father’s Day.

Thus her poem gave her the idea of writing this book. The book cherishes the love, warmth, joy, support, and comfort in a father and son relationship. The book explains different stages of this relationship throughout the whole life. The book has been edited by Christian Robinson. He worked along with Meghan and both of them had bonded really well to make the story reach it’s the ending point. She also said that she is hoping her story touches millions of families and might improvise the relationship between a son and his father. We wish a great road of success to Duchess Meghan Markle.