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Joe Jonas Teams Up With Expedia To Lend You A Hand To Ease Your Travel Anxiety In This Covid Situation

Coronavirus has been a nightmare for the whole world. But to your relief finally, they have rolled out vaccines to fight against COVID-19. Since situations are getting better day by day, people are again going back to normalcy and with this, they again want to travel around the world. Though people may have recovered from corona but not from their fear of corona. So getting on a plane with other passengers might still sound risky to everyone. Thus in order to resolve this serious problem, Joe Jonas has come forward with something new which might be a help to all. Well is it really beneficial or not? Let’s found out about this in precise details. Stay tuned.

Expedia and Jonas Together To Help Others Overcome Their Fear

One of your favourite band members, yes I’m talking about the Jonas brothers and none other than Joe Jonas. He has recently partnered along with the famous organization Expedia for their current project Helping Hands. The campaign is focused to produce or build 250 exact copies or replicas of his very own right hand. And if you feel like getting hold of one of these 250 exclusive hands, you can definitely do that as it is been distributed on the basis of first-come, first-served. Thus to get the replica all you have to do on your part is to fill out a simple form that is appearing on the Expedia website. Each one of the replica hand is made with a 3D printer and features customized artwork on the hands. Not only this but the hand copy is also signed and hand-numbered by Joe Jonas originally.

The Helping Hand Campaign

Expedia has marked their Helping Hand campaign to the start of travelling again. It’s more like a symbol of support while you get ready to face the world again. Jonas is also very much involved in the campaign. According to Joe, he thinks travelling again can be a little scary for the people out there, they might still be scared of getting infected due to corona. Thus helping hand will be a great way to calm their selves down and help the people to regain their confidence in terms of travelling. He also thinks he is very much fortunate to be an active member of the whole campaign.

Expedia’s campaign is not that fancy but really simple and basic. Not only this but it is also a fun way to own a really funky and cool piece of memorabilia. This replica hand will make people gain some reassurance about travelling again and moreover as they resume travelling they will also get comfortable with it a little by little with time.

Besides this campaign, Expedia is also donating a sum of $100,000 to Mercy Corps in order to provide relief to the communities and the people who have faced immense misery due to COVID. We are really thankful to the organization for this major support and we also highly appreciate their work which they are doing for the betterment of the people.