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Ashley Cain and Safiyya Vorajee Are Heartbroken As They Prepare For Their Daughter, Azaylia’s Funeral

Death is never easy on any family members. And if parents have to witness the death of their children in front of them, then the incident is sufficient enough to break anyone down into pieces. Read this article to know the condition of Ashley Cain after the death of their daughter.

It is really the most depressing moment for any parent to the body of their child lay still on the ground. This time it is Ashley Cain who faced such a tragic incident. The name of his daughter was Azaylia.

Ashley has now started planning the funeral of his beloved daughter. After his loss, he is now slowly opening up about the painful feeling that he is going through.

Azaylia was only eight months old when the little princess breathed her last. Azaylia was the daughter of Ashley Cain and his girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee. The little girl was fighting bravely with a rare form of leukemia until last month when she breathed her last.

The couple is now opening up about their loss on their personal accounts on social media. On Thursday, the couple took to Instagram to share their sorrow as they have started making funeral plans.

 Have you read Ashley’s post? It is sure to bring tears down your eyes. In his post, he shared his fear of planning a funeral for the very first time. However, it never occurred to him that the first funeral that he would have to plan is going to be his daughter’s. No matter how badly your life might shake you and break you but I think no situation ever prepares parents to face such a kind of dreadful scenario.
Azaylia Cain's mum says she 'struggles every day' since tragic death of baby daughter - Mirror Online

Ashley added that every passing day is only getting tougher for him. There are days he breaks down and there are days it becomes intolerable completely.

Ashley always had an opinion of himself as the tough guy. But the moment he has to think and make arrangements to bury his child brings him down on his knees. Ashley is now unable to find answers to why such a horrific incident ever happened to him. He is unable to figure out anything right now.

Safiyya on the other hand shared her sorrow on her Instagram post. In the post, she wore a T-shirt with a painting of a rainbow. She captioned her photo expressing how empty her life seems to be right now. The absence of Azaylia has left a void in her life. Every time she thinks of her, she gets a severe ache from head to toe.

Ashley Cain's girlfriend kisses 'hero' daughter Azaylia as they go home for last days - News Chant UK

Her very thought makes Safiyya go numb and she feels like she would choke. She feels like falling down on her knees and cry and yell. Undoubtedly both Ashley and Safiyya are going insane missing their daughter.

She ended her caption with a line where she says that her brave daughter must have surely patted her back and would have asked her mother to stay strong. Agh! I must say, it’s really tough on the couple.

I think we all will agree to the fact that Azaylia was indeed a brave girl. She won the hearts of thousands of people while she was fighting against rare blood cancer. A few days before the daughter passed away, a Clap For Azaylia was launched, where stars like Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch, Stacey Solomon, Charlotte Dawson, and Mrs. Hinch participated. The intention behind it was to show support for Ashley and Safiyya and also to honor the little girl who was fighting such a dreadful disease so bravely.

Let us all pray for Ashley and Safiyya.

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